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Mexico's Dia de Muertos celebration: Is it dying? by Yuri Awanohara

The Día de Muertos is celebrated primarily on November 1 - All Saints Day- and November 2 - All Souls Day. Generally, the 1st is to mourn children who have passed away, and the 2nd is for adults. The whole country is geared up with festivities. Michoacan state has a large Purepecha population. A fierce people that the Aztecs never fully conquered, they retain the traditions of the Día de Muertos, particularly in towns and villages near Lake Pátzcuaro.

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Mexico's Dia de Muertos celebration: Is it dying? Yuri Awanohara

"Every year there are more and more tourists. They're not coming to see our tradition, they just want another reason to have a fiesta. It gets worse later, when they start urinating on the candles."

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