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Oaxaca's whimsical alebrijes and folk art by Alvin Starkman and Alan Goodin

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Ask an old gringo about tax cuts, wind farms, Alebrijes and egg sandwiches Marvin West

The alebrije is a uniquely Oaxacan variety of Mexican folk art. This one depicts a rabbit. © Alan Goodin 2007
Mexico is a very interesting country. If anything hasn’t already happened here, it soon will. Nowhere else in the world are people protesting because taxes are going down. $207 million USD has gone missing. Giant Alebrijes are roaming the streets, and egg sandwiches are missing from grocery stores. read more
Published or Updated on: September 1, 2007 by Alvin Starkman and Alan Goodin © 2007
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Alvin Starkman together with wife Arlene operates Casa Machaya Oaxaca Bed & Breakfast.

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