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Durango Mexico by Rick Meyer

Durango sits in a huge shallow bowl high in the central plateau of Mexico. Everyone said it was a six hour drive from Mazatlan on the two lane road straight up behind all those trucks. I made it in four but there was a lot of passing involved. There was excellent scenery all along the way on the drive, but when you get to Durango you had better love buildings because it is absolutely impossible to see any background landscape in this high flat place. One interesting fact about Durango that I should mention is that it is possibly the most athletic community in Mexico. On one end of the city (I believe it is in the northwest) they have a huge green park with immaculate soccer fields, tennis courts and grounds for virtually any other sporting venue you can imagine. When we drove through we were amazed at so many people jogging along our lane (in designer jogging outfits) that we decided that it must be a local ordinance for each citizen to come here once a day. Unfortunately I was so entranced that I failed to photograph this phenomenon.

Published or Updated on: January 1, 2006 by Rick Meyer © 2006
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