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Pictures of Cholula, Mexico by Rick Meyer

In ancient times Cholula grew to prominance as a religious center in central Mexico at about the same time as Teotihuacan (between 1 and 600 AD). Constructed here is the widest pyramid ever built (in the world). Sides measure 450m and with a height of 65m it becomes mathematically the largest pyramid (by volume) ever built.

By the year 900 the builders had succumbed to invaders and the pyramid fell into neglect. At the time of Cortes' devastation of the area (1519) and subsequent construction of the church of Nuestra Senora de los Remedios on top (pictures on this page), no one was aware it was anything other than a hill. The pyramid now is an archeological site via tunnels ecavated through the base revealing several layers of earlier pyramids within.

It was a bit difficult to get my bearings in Cholula since streets do not run north-south but more like northwest-southeast. I suspect they follow an old orientation to the volcanoes.      (Pictures taken May 4, 2004)

Map of Cholula

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