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Pictures of Yecapixtla, Mexico by Rick Meyer

Yecapixtla is the closest town out of Cuautla on the Ruta del Volcan (Popocatepetl), an interesting road on the south side of the active volcano that has a convent church in almost every town. For a few pesos you can visit several of them on a half day excursion. The Augustinian convent here is named San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist).

I found the microbus stand in Cuautla on Centinela Street in the morning and was amused to find about 25 vehicles lined up all with the destination, Yecapixtla. 12 pesos was the fare. At the tourist office in Cuautla I picked up an 84 page booklet called Conventos en Morelos for 100 pesos that has fabulous bird's eye photos and detailed diagrams of 19 major and 9 minor convents in the State of Morelos. It has proved invaluable for sorting out my many pictures.    (Pictures taken April 30, 2004)

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