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Pictures of Xochicalco, Mexico by Rick Meyer

Xochicalco (pronounced so-chee-CAL-co) is an important hilltop archeological site some 38 km southwest of Cuernavaca. It grew to prominence as Teotihuacan was in decline around 650 AD with its zenith around 850. At that tme it was a renowned meeting center for the various cultures (e.g. Maya, Toltec, Olmec, Mixtec, Zapotec) throughout Mesoamerica.

The fabulously well preserved Piramide de Quetzalcoatl displays glyphs that suggests to some that various tribes met here to adjust their calendars. Also here is an excavated cavern with an astronomical hole that allows direct sunlight only twice a year.

Suffering from too much success (overpopulation), Xochicalco's decline started around 1200 AD. Buses running south from Cuernavaca will drop you off at the Xochicalco crossing, and from there taxis fairly charge 20 pesos to the site since it is too far to walk. (Pictures taken April 29, 2004)

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