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Pictures of Cuautla, Mexico by Rick Meyer

Cuautla is the second largest city in the State of Morelos. It is about 30 km east-southeast of Cuernavaca (the largest and state capital) as the crow flies but approximately 45 km via the new interstate highway. Historically fighters of both the Mexican War of Independence and the Revolutionary War made their base here. It may possibly be the least expensive city of any size (approx 150,000) that I have visited in Mexico.

The city center is very picturesque. An active, park-like zocalo is connected by pedestrian walkways to plazas north and south. Although there is a well staffed tourist office, you are unlikely to see a tourist. The delight starts immediately when you arrive since you walk past the restaurant stalls of the market from the bus station to the zocalo. Frequent buses here from Cuernavaca cost about 30 pesos. (Pictures taken April 29, 2004)

Map of Cuautla

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