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Pictures of Ihuatzio, Mexico by Rick Meyer

From the Plaza Bocanegra in Patzcuaro you can catch a bus for 5 pesos that within 20 minutes will drop you off seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Walk north uphill along a stonewalled cowpath for about 2 kilometers and you come to the archaeological zone of Ihuatzio. You and the gatekeeper are likely to be the only two there unless it is Sunday when admission is free. Just before arriving you can see the twin temples to the left of the road. Here they are between the trees in the distance. These horses were busy trampling straw in a circlular pen. For what purpose I am uncertain. This is the last remaining remnant of the finished surface of the temples. The twin platformed temples make a beautiful site. These walls flanking the north and south of the temples were actually the roadways into the area in their time. Entrance into the plazas could easily be controlled at the stairs. I talked to the gatekeeper and he suggested climbing the hill to the east of the complex to get this picture of the whole area with Lake Patzcuaro and Isla Janitizio prominently in the background.

Published or Updated on: January 1, 2006 by Rick Meyer © 2006
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