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Pictures of Calixtlahuaca, Mexico by Rick Meyer

Calixtlahuaca (pronounced ka-leesh-tla-HWA-ka) is an archeological site 7 km northwest of Toluca. The ethnic group called Matlazinca had probably conquered the wide Toluca valley themselves and developed a thiving agricultural based economy in this very fertile flat land rare in Mexico. This tempting prize combined with the unfortunate location of the valley in the buffer zone between the rival Aztecs and Purepechas culminated in the conquest of the Matlazincas in 1474 by allies of the Aztecs. 11,000 captives were taken and sacrificed in Tenochtitlan. The existing structures were then built by the Aztecs. Catch a local bus saying "Calix" from the Jardin Botanico in Toluca for 5 pesos to the town of the same name. Ask the driver where to get off for the short uphill walk to the site.      (Pictures taken April 22, 2004)

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