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Pictures of Michoacan, Mexico by Rick Meyer

Michoacán is a state in Mexico. Although part of the state touches the Pacific Ocean, the great portion of it is inland and at altitude (6-7,000 feet), making it delightfully cool as compared with the Mexican Riviera or the Caribbean. As much of Mexico is, Michoacán is in the mountains, but it has more water than most areas making it some of the most productive for farming and timber. The main cities I visited on my trip are Morelia, the state capital, Patzcuaro, a beautiful city on a lake of the same name, and Uruapan, an agriculture center in the transition zone between the high and dry and the low and steamy. This whole state is just off the beaten path far enough that it receives very little tourist traffic and hence has remained as close to the real Mexico as you are likely to find.(161 pictures taken May 2001 on 33 pages)

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