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Apr 9, 2013, 1:23 PM

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TELCEL America prepaid phones

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Guys, I'm fairly "up" on the latest technology, but I think I goofed. While in the U.S., and vaguely thinking about getting a newer "smartphone" at a better price than here, AND driving down the street seeing a Best Buy store, I thought, "Why not?".

Well, I got a good look through their selection, and since I was only looking low-end, I saw one of the best price with the brandname TELCEL America and thought, "whoopee!", since surely it would be the easiest possible to transfer to TELCEL (México) once I was back home.

The phone is a Samsung Model SCH-M828C and it's a terrific phone (compared to the 6 year old one I was using here), BUT…Once I got back to Mazatlán, TELCEL tells me that since that model doesn't have a SIM card (I didn't know there were any of the new phones that didn't), so didn't even ask about that before I bought it), there is no way to change it over to TELCEL (México).

Does anyone know of a work-around for this problem? If there isn't one, I guess I just bought a low priced, basic camera. :-(

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Apr 9, 2013, 4:19 PM

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Re: [mazbook1] TELCEL America prepaid phones

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Telcel America is one of several MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) owned by America Movil. They seem to utilize all major USA networks but primarily utilize GSM networks of ATT and T-Mobile. They also utilize to a much lesser extent Sprint and sometimes Verizon which are CDMA carriers. As a MVNO they have no network equipment (towers) of their own.

The only info I could pick up on your phone is that it is a CDMA phone which would not work on Telcel's Mexican network. CDMA phones do not utilize a sim card/chip. They can be reprogrammed electronically but most carriers are reluctant to do so.

For more on Telcel America and other America Movil companies try this link. It had the best explanations.

Telcel America is very explicit about its coverage. From its website:

"Telcel America provides national coverage in the best networks in the United States, allowing its users to call and send text messages to land lines and mobile phones in Mexico. Telcel America cell phones work only in the whole territory of the United States. To verify your coverage area, please refer to our Service Area Map by clicking here"

You may be able to check the box it came in to verify whether or not you have a CDMA model. The model number may include "CDMA".

CDMA phones have limited usage here in Mexico. Iusacelll at one time was a CDMA carrier but since receiving permission to combine its network with Movistar, it is transitioning to a GSM carrier.

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