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Sep 16, 2010, 10:21 AM

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Dental Implants

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I don't see anything recent (except from Rex in Cuernavaca) about dental implants in the Lakeside/Guadalajara area. If someone has first (or second) hand information about this service, including approximate cost, please let me know. I have had cleanings and fillings and crowns done in Ajijic but never paid much attention to implant discussions. I would more than likely also have to have a bone graft done prior to the actual implant. And yes, I am aware of the time involved in doing such a procedure.


Sep 16, 2010, 5:24 PM

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Re: [RickS] Dental Implants

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I was quoted $10,000 pesos per tooth by a dental clinic(Universo) in Tonala. Nothing was said about bone implants.


Sep 20, 2010, 5:14 PM

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Re: [RickS] Dental Implants

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Sep 20, 2010, 9:33 PM

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Re: [skier14] Dental Implants

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I would like to point out that Cuernavaca is quite a distance from Lakeside. It is two days of easy driving, or one day of white knuckle speeding away. A dental implant is a serious procedure and not speedily done. It cannot be determined if a patient will need a bone graft until the dentist that is going to do the implant does an examination.

If a bone graft is required to make the patients jawbone strong enough to receive and retain the base for an implant, sufficient time must pass to determine of the transplanted bone is living, and has bonded to become part of the patients jawbone. If and when the jawbone is determined to be ready to receive the base for an implant, the metal base is inserted. Again, sufficient time must pass to determine if the body is going to reject that foreign object, or if it is ready to have the tooth implant attached. It is a time consuming procedure. You don't go into a dental clinic and walk out the same day with a new tooth.

I have read many wild claims with “low ball” price quotes on the Internet. I believe those “low ball” prices are just to get you in their door so they may stick you with the actual costs. If a dentist told me he was going to send me to another clinic to have an implant done, I would walk out. I think a person should only consult with the dentist that is actually going to do the implant/s.

My Dentista here is from Canada, and was educated up there. She has evidently spent most of her life in Mexico. My Mexicana wife says she speaks Spanish like she was born here. She told me that an implant is expensive at about $21,000 Pesos each, she said it may cost a little more, or less, but $21,000 Pesos was a close average. She is a specialist in Prótesis Bucal (implants etc.) and Otontologia Estéticia.

Incidentally, I usually pay my Dentista $1000 or $2000 Pesos per visit, sometimes $3000 or $4000. She told me after my second appointment that if I was ever short of money, I could pay her nothing, and we could settle any differences when my treatments were finished. It might be a good idea to ask any dentist if they have any sort of payment plan, or if it has to be all cash up front.

My Dentistas mother is also a semi-retired Dentista. She occasionally takes my Dentistas appointments when my Dentista must be out of town. She took one of my suegras appointments a few months ago. My suegra is a retired dental technician, they are the people that make crowns, etc. While my suegra is no dentist, she knows a good one when she meets one. She loves both my Dentista and her mother. She has commented on how gentle my Dentista is. She is noted for her painless drilling.

I commented on that to my Dentista one day. She is presently rebuilding my mouth and she has done a lot of drilling To replace caps, correct fillings, etc. All with no shots and no pain. A little discomfort sometimes, but no pain. My Dentista replied that her mother taught her how to do it. She told her “You don't need to hurt people if you learn to do it right”.

I hope these comments help someone that is considering dental implants. They are not quick or cheap anywhere, and not everyone is a good candidate for one. My Dentista told me on our initial appointment that I could use some implants or bridges. She told me the implants would be more convenient because they are permanent, and bridges would need to be removed every night, and replaced every morning. She told me that I would be more comfortable with either one, but not needing to remove and replace an implant every day would be more convenient, but that was about the only important advantage to them. Make an appointment with a Dentist that actually does them to determine if you are a good candidate and are going to proceed.

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Sep 21, 2010, 10:34 AM

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Re: [Papirex] Dental Implants

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I have implants done NOB. A simple implant, without a bone graft, costs $5,000 USD. I have had zero problem with my NOB implants and they are now 5 & 6 years old. I did need a bone graft before my 2 US implants because I was wearing a bridge over the area where the teeth were missing so my bone shrank, or was absorbed. The bone graft cost me $1,000 USD.

While staying at lakeside I decided to take advantage of the inexpensive dental services and paid $3,000 USD up front for 2 implants. I made a horrible mistake. Reflecting back, I think the dentista was practicing on me, even though she said she had extensive implant experience. A few days after being inserted into my jaw, one of the implant screws became infected. The procedure was not properly done. The second implant screw was put into my jaw in the wrong place and at an odd angle. The cost for a specialist in the US to remove the infected screw was $500 USD. The only reason it was that cheap was because it was so badly infected that he was able to get it out without surgery. To remove the improperly placed implant screw plus a bone graft is going to cost me $15,000 USD! And that price doesn't include the cost of 2 new implants. I thought I was saving money getting the work done in Chapala but that wasn't the case.
Implants are wonderful, if done properly. I've heard horror stories about implants done NOB and SOB. There are good/bad dentists everywhere. Please do your research, get references, etc. I wish I had.
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