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The Peoples of Mexico Index Page

Mexico is a country of colour, diversity, grand differences in geography, climate and perspective. The same is true of her people. From the mysterious origins and fates of her earliest inhabitants; the current indigenous peoples; to the history and influence of immigrants from Spain and other areas of the world, Mexico has developed an intricate and fascinating society. The following Index is your doorway to discovery . . . read more

Crossing Over: A Mexican Family On The Migrant Trail Reviewed by jennifer j. rose

Great books are the hardest kind to review. There's just too much temptation to toss out the usual lauds and accolades which make for fine back cover blurbs. And then there's the trap of comparison to other great authors and works. CROSSING OVER: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail is one of those great books.

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Showing 1—2 of 2 results
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