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The Masks Of Mexico (Part 1) Rita Pomade

"While we are alive, we cannot escape from
masks or names. We are inseparable from
our fictions - our features."
Octavio Paz

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Leonora Carrington in Mexico City: perspective of a person, place, and time Rita Pomade

In 1966, the Mexican Olympic Committee contacted my husband with a proposal: To photograph the most talented and notable of Mexico's creative community. Among those he was to photograph was the highly acclaimed and brilliant artist, Leonora Carrington, a woman as well-known for her eccentricities as for her creative output. Leonora took to my husband immediately and invited him to one of her famous dinners. "Bring your wife," she said. read more

The New World Mexican Women of Tecalpulco, Mexico Reviewed by Rita Pomade

New World Women is a native women artisan group in Tecalpulco, Guerrero who decided to form a production cooperative. These skilled artisans are the original designers and producers, creating beautiful jewelry. Theirs is a cottage industry with a goal of perpetuating the region's craft tradition and creating a source of work that can keep their people at home — an alternative to migrating to urban centers or to the U.S. These enterprising women utilize modern means of communication. They communicate through their web page and via romantic novelas serialized on blogs. They write e-mail, post videos on YouTube, and have published an unusual book: The New World Mexican Women Workbook: How to Make Your Own Traditional Mexican Jewelry. read more

Siqueiros: Biography of a Revolutionary Artist by D. Anthony White Reviewed by Rita Pomade

  Siqueiros: Biography of a Revolutionary Artist is a fascinating read for anyone looking for a great story with fascinating characters. It's also an enlightening read for anyone interested in Mexi... read more

Javier Zaragoza: artist with a mission Rita Pomade

Javier Zaragoza
"I was six when I started to paint," he recalls. "It all started at the public library here in Ajijic. There was this woman, Neill James. She was a great woman, very generous. She gave us kids everything - watercolors, paper, brushes, and even furniture to work on. I spent my weekends painting all day. " read more

Mexico, A Love Story: women write about the Mexican experience Reviewed by Rita Pomade

Mexico is a country infused with goddess energy. When you're in her arms, you want to stay there, cradled in her warm, moist smells, re-charged by her underbelly of pulsating earth energy, and sustained by a wisdom born of a history filled with extraordinary achievements and major defeats.

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Agustin Lara in Washington, DC's Gala Hispanic Theater Rita Pomade

This June one of Mexico's most venerated composers comes to Washington, DC. The life and loves (and there were many) of Agustin Lara will be brought to the stage in a work commissioned by the Gala Hisp... read more

Mexican muralists: the big three - Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros. Rita Pomade

Mexico in 1910 was a country in despair. Foreign domination had been replaced by the tyranny of President Porfirio Diaz. Two-thirds of the people lived in abject poverty and slavery was growing at a fa... read more

Modern Mexican Sculpture (A Blending of Old World and New World Sensibility) Rita Pomade

Between 1920 and 1940 Mexico went through a period of radical transformation. The revolution had ended and in its wake an energy for transformation was unleashed that was unparalleled anywhere. For the... read more

Francisco Goitia - A Product Of His Times Rita Pomade

When we talk of Mexico's great painters, Francisco Goitia isn't the first name that comes to mind. Yet, without a doubt, he is one of last century's great painters. He the spirit of his times and refle... read more

Maria Izquierdo - Monumento Artistico De La Nación Rita Pomade

On October 25, 2002, one hundred years after her birth , the Mexican painter Maria Izquierdo was declared a Monumento Artistico de la Nación by Mexico City's National Commission for Arts and Culture. ... read more

Rufino Tamayo Rita Pomade

I've just recently seen the " Tamayo Illustrador" exhibition at the Museo del Periodismo y las Artes Graficas in downtown Guadalajara. Rufino Tamayo is a Mexican icon, and this was one show I did... read more

Amate Art of Mexico - (Where the Secular Meets the Sacred) Rita Pomade

Nowhere was the cord between man and spirit more tightly bound than in the making of amatl, the sacred paper of the pre-Hispanic peoples. This paper was so important to the spiritual needs of ... read more

Saturnino Herran: A Bright Light Too Soon Extinguished Rita Pomade

At least ten years before the "Big Three" - Rivera, Orozco, Siqueiros - came into their own as world-renown muralists, a lone painter was setting the groundwork. His name was Saturnino Herran. He was t... read more

Once upon a time... The historical overview: Part 2 Rita Pomade

The influence of Mexican design on Christian work has been the subject of much controversy. Bernard Bevan in the “History of Spanish Architecture” claimed that the influence of Mexican designs was practically negligible in Mexico and whatever seemed that way was due to “poor Indian workmanship”. read more

Once Upon A Time . . . - The Historical Overview Part 1 Rita Pomade

Once upon a time... The historical overview: Part 2 Mexico is a country of marked contrast – raw and vital in its energy, still and timeless in its majesty. The non-hurried pace of its people ... read more

Talavera - Mexico's earthly legacy from the City Of Angels Rita Pomade

There is no more glorious an experience or heightening of the senses than to walk through Puebla's exquisitely beautiful downtown on a sun drenched afternoon. Every building is a work of art. And every... read more

Printmaking - From Revolution To Establishment Rita Pomade

The 1920s should not have been a flourishing period for Mexican art. The revolution had just ended. The cruelties of war and constant political upheavals had fragmented the country. And illiteracy was rampant.

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A feast for the eye: A painterly view of Mexican food Rita Pomade

When Cortes and his small band of bounty hunters first set foot on the shores of pre-Hispanic America, little did they know what real treasures they would take back to the Old World. The precious metal... read more

Francisco Toledo Rita Pomade

It would be a terrible oversight to write an "Arts in Mexico" column without paying special tribute to Francisco Toledo, one of Mexico's greatest living artists. In the eyes of many, he is Mexico's gre... read more

Xalapa Symphony Orchestra Rita Pomade

This past February I had the pleasure of attending the first concert of the 2005 season given by the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra. It was the first time I had heard the orchestra, and I was impressed by t... read more

From A Mexican Perspective - The Vision of Adolfo Best Maugard Rita Pomade

During the heady days that followed the Mexican revolution, the air was filled with fervent nationalism. The euphoria of new beginnings brought out the best in creative vision from talent that fed on t... read more

A Bridge Across Cultures Rita Pomade

The well-known American poet Margaret Randall talks about the documentary
"El Corno Emplumado: Una historia de los sesenta"
(El Corno Emplumado: A story of the sixties"). read more

Mexican lithographer Jose Guadalupe Posada: Past and present Rita Pomade

In one month, on November 2, it will be "El Dia de los Muertos" (the Day of the Dead), and Jose Guadalupe Posada, or Don Lupe as he was known to his friends, a poor but prolific printm... read more

The Xalapa Museum, a walk back in time Rita Pomade

Mexico is a country rich in creative expression, and its creative roots go far back into the history of its people. In much of the modern work done today, one can still catch a glimpse of the mysteriou... read more
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