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The lighter side of Mexican cooking Karen Hursh Graber

Suffering from post-holiday belly bulge? Thinking about trading in the guacamole and chips for cottage cheese and celery sticks? Before you do, consider the many healthy, diet-friendly ways of preparin... read more

Eating Out - Tacos and their Variations Karen Hursh Graber

While on a recent trip through the central plain states of Mexico I was having one of those evenings where I was too beat to get dressed up for dinner and I wasn't really that hungry but I needed to ea... read more

The Cooking School At Zihuatanejo by Daniel Kennedy Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The story is related to us by Jeff Farrell who, with his wife, Mia, purchases a property high above the rooftops of Zijhuatanejo, overlooking the famed Playa de la Ropa beach with the Pacific Ocean beyond. They fulfill an ambition and turn the place into a restaurant, Casa Blue. And it's not your ordinary everyday restaurant. This is a cooking school where you can join other diners around the cooking island and help prepare your meal under the tutelage of Jeff and Mia. read more

An interview with Karen Hursh Graber Allan Cogan

You can find Karen Hursh Graber’s contributions in many places in Mexico Connect. She’s a regular contributor with her monthly cooking column, "The Mexican Kitchen”. She also contributes to the food department, "The Cuisines of Mexico”. And she also assists with the web-site’s Food Forum. Here, she came out of the kitchen long enough to talk about one of her favorite subjects – Mexican food and its preparation. read more
Showing 1—4 of 4 results
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