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October in Actopan: Mexico's National Mole Festival Karen Hursh Graber

One of the most popular of Mexico's many fairs and festivals is the Festival del Mole, the National Mole Fair, held each October in the village of San Pedro Actópan, in the Milpa Alta delegation of th... read more

Did You Know? Vanilla Festival in Papantla, Veracruz Tony Burton

The Vanilla Festival is held in early summer every year in Papantla, Veracruz. The origins of the festival pre-date the Spanish conquest. Its timing is now tied to the Catholic celebration of the Feast... read more

The Cuisine of Hidalgo: Spanning Climates and Cultures Karen Hursh Graber

Over the years, on road trips from Central Mexico to various parts of the U.S., we have explored different routes, some more scenic than others. One of the most unforgettable included the state of Hida... read more

The cuisine of Veracruz: a tasty blend of cultures Karen Hursh Graber

Exotic-looking even on a map, the Mexican state of Veracruz stretches along the Gulf Coast like the graceful tentacle of a sea creature. Within the boundaries formed by the warm coastal waters to the e... read more

Seasonal Dining: Mexican Wild Game - Part Two: Rabbit and Venison Karen Hursh Graber

As discussed in last month's column, wild game played an important culinary role in pre-Hispanic Mexico. Although the Aztecs, Maya and other Mesoamerican people relied on corn as the staple food, along... read more

A yearly culinary ritual: La matanza Karen Hursh Graber

Beginning in mid-October, and lasting for a month, a five-hundred-year-old ritual encompassing history, tradition and cuisine takes place in the valley of Tehuacan, in the Mixteca Poblana region of sou... read more

Adding zest to summer's bounty: Tropical fruit accents for meat, fish or fowl Karen Hursh Graber

Last month's column discussed buying and storing summer fruit, as well as the versatile fruit salsas which are perfect for outdoor dining. This month some ideas for using fruit as part of the main cour... read more

Vanilla: a Mexican native regains its reputation Karen Hursh Graber

Mention vanilla, and people are apt to think of the ice-cream flavor they select when confronted with a mind-boggling choice involving everything from chirimoya to cheesecake: "just plain vanilla." Wha... read more

Mexican chocolate: A culinary evolution Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican chocolate refers to either the round, flat disks of cinnamon-scented chocolate found throughout the land, or the foamy drink made from them. This uniquely flavored sweet is popular in many othe... read more
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