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Mexican Christmas menu ideas: Posadas, Noche Buena, Navidad Karen Hursh Graber

In Mexico, the Christmas season is a month-long fiesta, starting with the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12th, and continuing through the posadas, Noche Buena and Navidad, right up to the Three Kings Day on January 6th.

During this celebratory month, preparing seasonal dishes is an important part of the festivities, with each occasion having its own specialties. These can be easily adapted to holiday menus everywhere, and a Mexican culinary theme is fun, festive, and versatile. read more

Mexican Christmas Eve salad: Ensalada de noche buena Karen Hursh Graber

Lettuce, beets and jicama are usualy part of a Mexican Christmas Eve salad, or ensalada de Noche Buena.
© Daniel Wheeler, 2009
This salad is open to individual interpretation, with the only constants being the beets and the lettuce. Pineapple and bananas are frequently added in tropical climates, apples and jicama in cooler regions. The ingredients should be artfully arranged on a large platter and tossed after it has reached the table. read more

A Mexican Christmas dinner: tamales, turkey, tejocotes Karen Hursh Graber

Piñata<br>© Maria Elena, 1999
The usually bustling Mexican markets become even more so in December, when the mountains of fruit for ponche navideño (Christmas punch) compete with a wild array of tinsel-y decorations for shoppers' attention, and the excitement leading to the posadas and pastorelas builds up. The culmination of all this preparation is, of course, Noche Buena — Christmas Eve — when one of the most festive dinners of the year is served. A Mexican Christmas dinner is abundant and varied, with foods that range from tamales to turkey and tejocote. read more

Codfish with tomatoes, olives and chiles: Bacalao a la vizcaina Karen Hursh Graber

The Spanish made the most of the New World ingredients they found in Mexico, using potatoes, tomatoes and chiles in this dish, in addition to the olives they imported from Europe and the salted, dried ... read more

Mexican holiday sweets: cookies, candy and more Karen Hursh Graber

December has been a celebratory month in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times, when the winter solstice, one of the two most important holidays of the year (the other being the spring solstice) was celebrat... read more

Christmas Chicken Breasts with Squash Blossoms: Pechugas Navideñas Ana María Flores Sánchez

Huitlacoche is a black fungus which grows on corn. I personally choose to omit this ingredient as it has a distinct flavor which is just not appealing to me. It is, however, a favorite of some of my fr... read more

The bird is the word: Mexican pavo, guajolote, totole inthe oven Karen Hursh Graber

First of a Two-Part Holiday Turkey Feature   Once again, the time to talk turkey has arrived, and in Mexico this can inspire quite a bit of talk indeed. Over thirty words for the bird have been used... read more

An introduction to "A Christmas kitchen in Mexico"

(En Español) By Mexico Connect's food staff: Karen, Camille, Anita, Ana, Jan (Big Mama) and David We warned you! (After reading through this Introduction, you will find the doorway to the Ch... read more
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