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Mexican cookbooks go mobile Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

Chicken, rice and blck beans prepared with a recipe from Mexico Every Day by Rick Bayless<br>
© Karen Hursh Graber , 2014
There are several e-cookbooks that I use regularly to expand and improve upon my repertoire of Mexican dishes. Whether visiting family in Australia or sitting on a bus from Puebla to Mexico City, I can plan meals, gather information for articles, and always learn more about Mexican cuisine and culture.

Following are some suggestions for Mexican e-cookbooks that fit that criteria and are easy to use, with clear presentations and recipes that are uncomplicated while still featuring authentic flavors of Mexico... read more

Yucatan: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

An ice cream vendor in Merida
The Canadian author and Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro said that "The constant happiness is curiosity." If this is the case, then chef and cookbook writer David Sterling must have taken great joy in putting this book together, for it reflects tireless research that was surely driven by an intense desire to learn as much as possible about the cuisine and the culinary traditions of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.
Sterling's 2014 book may well be considered the definitive work on the foodways of the Yucatan. read more

Mexican cookbooks of 2012: Some gift giving ideas Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

Taking a look at the past year's Mexican cookbook offerings, it seems that 2012 produced more specialized books than ever before. These are not your essential Mexican cookbooks (for that, go to Diana Kennedy's The Essential Cuisines of Mexico or Adela Fernandez' La Traditional Cocina Mexicana), but they will add new dimensions to a basic Mexican culinary library. read more

The Mexican Kitchen, A Taste For All Seasons Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

For ordering information: (for yourself or as a gift!) For your free sample chapter - Click Here! . Step into the Mexican Kitchen with Karen Hursh Grab... read more

The Cooking School At Zihuatanejo by Daniel Kennedy Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The story is related to us by Jeff Farrell who, with his wife, Mia, purchases a property high above the rooftops of Zijhuatanejo, overlooking the famed Playa de la Ropa beach with the Pacific Ocean beyond. They fulfill an ambition and turn the place into a restaurant, Casa Blue. And it's not your ordinary everyday restaurant. This is a cooking school where you can join other diners around the cooking island and help prepare your meal under the tutelage of Jeff and Mia. read more

Early Fusion Food: Inside A Colonial Mexican Kitchen Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

One of the rewarding aspects of investigating the history and evolution of Mexico's rich and varied cuisine is the availability of authentic sources. The Spanish chroniclers took painstaking notes on n... read more

Mexican Cookbooks: A Holiday Wish List Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

Although many of the recipes I try come from friends, market salespeople, food stand cooks and restaurant chefs in many parts of Mexico, there is nothing like a good cookbook for inspiration, especiall... read more

The Hungry Traveler Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

The Hungry Traveler: Mexico by Marita Adair (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City) Available from Amazon Books: Paperback You are famished. After hours on the Mexican high... read more

Candelaria's Cookbook Reviewed by Sophie Annan Jensen

Candelaria is back, with her special logic, folk wisdom and Mexican home-style recipes in the bilingual ‘Las Recetas de Candelaria,’ or ‘Candelaria’s Cookbook.’ Readers of Dane Chandos... read more
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