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The Mexican kitchen: a taste for all seasons Karen Hursh Graber


One of the most fascinating aspects of exploring the cuisine of another country is the process of becoming acquianted with the history, customs and traditions that are an intrinsic part of the cultural landscape of cooking and eating. . .

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More Cuisine Of Puebla, Cradle Of Corn Karen Hursh Graber

Some of the following recipes are for dishes described in "The Cuisine of Puebla, Cradle of Corn" . I've recently returned from a trip north, where I scouted several supermarkets to check on the... read more

The French Influence On Mexican Cooking: La Comida Afrancescada Karen Hursh Graber

Modern Mexican cooking is considered by culinary historians to be a fusion of three cuisines - indigenous, Spanish and French. This column has covered pre-Hispanic ingredients and techniques in the pas... read more

Getting to the heart of Oaxacan cuisine: A cooking class with Susanna Trilling Karen Hursh Graber

The longer one lives and travels in Mexico, the more meaningless the term "Mexican food" seems to become, for the true cuisine of Mexico contains such distinct regional differences that some people cla... read more
Showing 1—4 of 4 results
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