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Oaxaca chile and garlic seasoning paste: Chintestle Karen Hursh Graber

If you live in or visit Oaxaca, by all means buy some pasilla de oaxaca chiles, sometimes called chile mixe. These have a much different taste from regular pasilla chiles. Although in the Mixe, this ch... read more

Yucatan Style pickled onions: Cebollas encurtidas estilo yucateca Karen Hursh Graber

Both white and purple pickled onions are served as condiments in the Yucatan. The purple variety is generally served with cochinita pibil, and both Yucatan style pickled onions make great additions ... read more

Yucatecan style quail: Codorniz a la yucateca Karen Hursh Graber

Yucatecan style quail, typical of the Mexican state of Yucatan, uses a recado, one of the spice pastes that distinguish the region's cuisine. This recipe can also be used with chicken or turkey, inc... read more

Mexican rabbit with wine and herbs: Conejo con hierbas de olor Karen Hursh Graber

Fresh herbs make all the difference in this recipe for Mexican rabbit with wine and herbs, and dried ones should not be substituted. In Mexico, fresh herbs are available in most markets, but people oft... read more

Marinated Fish Steaks: Pescado en Escabeche Karen Hursh Graber

This is one version of the many recipes for pickled fish so popular in Mexico, especially during the warm spring months before the rainy season. It should be brought to room temperature before serving.... read more

Did You Know? - Vanilla Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that the vanilla bean is from an aromatic orchid that originally came from Mexico? The Academy of Sciences and Gastronomic Arts in Paris were so taken with the fruit of this orchid, that ... read more

About Cilantro Karen Hursh Graber

Both the leaves and seeds of coriander are used in Mexican cooking. The plant closely resembles flat leafed or italian parsley in appearance but the flavor is much stronger and distinctive. The l... read more

Savory Braised Pork: Asado de Boda Karen Hursh Graber

As its name implies, this dish is traditionally served at weddings. The addition of chocolate makes it reminiscent of mole poblano, but the depth of flavor is achieved with far fewer ingredients. On... read more

Mushrooms in vinaigrette: Hongos en escabeche Karen Hursh Graber

Wild mushrooms are found in abundance in the states of Puebla, Tlaxcala and Estado de Mexico during and after the rainy season, and used in soups, quesadillas and vegetable dishes. Although the comadre... read more
Showing 1—9 of 9 results
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