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Mexican pear and candied pistachio salad: Ensalada de pera y pistache garapiñada Karen Hursh Graber

Use whatever dark salad greens are available in your local market for this pear and candied pistachio salad. Mixed baby greens are ideal, but no iceberg lettuce here, please. The nuts can be made ahead... read more

The comadre's Russian Salad: Ensalada rusa de la comadre Karen Hursh Graber

The original Russian salad was made with smetana, a thick, slightly sour cream used in Russian and Finnish cooking. Variations may include shredded beef and a variety of vegetables, but potatoes and... read more

Mexican carrot salad with jalapeño: Ensalada de zanahoria con jalapeño Karen Hursh Graber

Jalapeño adds some zip to this healthy Mexican carrot salad. I like to serve it with enchiladas in green sauce, such as enchiladas suizas, where it is a refreshing counterpoint to the richness of the ... read more

Mexican pasta salad with jalapeño vinaigrette: Coditos con salsa Karen Hursh Graber

This Mexican pasta salad with jalapeño vinaigrette is a great side dish to serve with grilled meat, chicken or fish. It's quick and easy to put together at the last minute, or it can be made up to one... read more

Mexican marinated mixed vegetable salad: Chileajo Karen Hursh Graber

When we lived in Oaxaca, I liked to go the food stands that were right outside the university faculties downtown, especially the school of architecture, which was right next to a small park, with plent... read more

Mexican chicken salad with chipotle vinaigrette: Salpicon de pollo Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican chicken salad with chipotle vinaigrette known as salpicon de pollo © Karen Hursh Graber, 2014 Flavored with smoky chipotles, this recipe for salpicon de pollo is adapted from one by Vicki ... read more

Mexican crab salad with cilantro lime vinaigrette: Cangrejo con con vinaigreta de cilantro y limon Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican crab salad The bright, fresh taste of the tomatoes and cucumbers make Mexican crab salad with cilantro lime vinaigrette a refreshing spring salad. Serve it on lettuce, accompanied by fresh l... read more

Veracruz style seafood cocktail: Vuelve a la vida Karen Hursh Graber

This tasty, bracing concoction, one of the signature dishes of Veracruz, is served all over the country. One of the classic Mexican hangover cures, vuelve a la vida seafood cocktail brings back memorie... read more

Aguascalientes style mixed vegetable salad: Ensalada surtida Karen Hursh Graber

Soaking the cabbage in lemon water adds flavor, eases digestion, and cuts down on the need for salt. Some cooks add pineapple to this Aguascalientes style mixed vegetable salad, but I find it to be an ... read more

Baja style cabbage slaw: Ensalada de col Karen Hursh Graber

The ubiquitous fish taco of Baja California is often served with a smooth, loose avocado sauce and shredded cabbage. Many come with a cabbage slaw containing mayonnaise, which I find to have too creamy... read more

Mexican vegetable salad with yogurt dressing: Ensalada de verduras con aderezo de yogurt Karen Hursh Graber

This salad has typical Mexican vegetables — calabacita (zucchini), chayote, corn and tomatoes — but the dressing could be used on any vegetable salad, such as a broccoli or bean salad, or a cobb-st... read more

Mexican blessed beet salad: Ensalada de betabel bendito Karen Hursh Graber

In her introduction to this Mexican blessed beet salad recipe, Chef Susana Trilling explains that it got its name from that fact that she got the beets from a religious festival float that was decorate... read more

Mexican Christmas Eve salad: Ensalada de noche buena Karen Hursh Graber

Lettuce, beets and jicama are usualy part of a Mexican Christmas Eve salad, or ensalada de Noche Buena.
© Daniel Wheeler, 2009
This salad is open to individual interpretation, with the only constants being the beets and the lettuce. Pineapple and bananas are frequently added in tropical climates, apples and jicama in cooler regions. The ingredients should be artfully arranged on a large platter and tossed after it has reached the table. read more

Mexican beet and mango salad: Ensalada de betabel y mango Karen Hursh Graber

A lightly dressed summer salad, Mexican beet and mango salad is good with grilled chicken or fish. Make sure to use mangos that are not overripe, so that they keep their shape when cubed. read more

Mexican black bean and quinoa salad: Ensalada de quinoa con frijoles negros Karen Hursh Graber

Quinoa, the subsistence grain of the ancient Incas, is a good source of dietary fiber and high quality protein. When combined with black beans, it is a nutritional powerhouse. This Mexican black bean a... read more

Mexican lentil salad: Ensalada de lentejas Karen Hursh Graber

When using lentils in a salad, it is important not to overcook them. The brown lentils typically available in Mexico retain their shape better than other varieties. Ingredients 1 cup lentils ... read more

Guacamole, simple and fresh Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack and Veronica Gonzalez-Smith

Avocados are the main ingredient for a Mexican favorite -- guacamole.
© Jeanine Thurston, 2011
This guacamole recipe is super simple and fresh. Beware — it’s also addictive. The best part about guacamole is experimenting and making it uniquely yours. Here is our version, but you can add more or less of each ingredient to satisfy your personal palate. read more

Oaxaca salad by Pilar Cabrera: Ensalada Oaxaca por Pilar Cabrera Karen Hursh Graber

Pilar Cabrera, chef, cooking instructor and, most recently, participant in Iron Chef Canada, shares this recipe with Mexconnect readers. Ingredients 250 grams (about ½ pound) of organic lettuc... read more

Baby new potatoes with garlic and cumin: Papitas al ajillo Karen Hursh Graber

Choose the very smallest white or red potatoes you can find. Sometimes in Cholula, I find potatoes as small as marbles. This recipe is adapted from Larousse de la Cocina Mexicana by Alicia Gironella D'... read more

Jicama and mandarin orange salad: Ensalada xec Karen Hursh Graber

This refreshing Yucatecan-style salad uses winter fruit in season. It comes to us courtesy of Chef David Sterling of Merida's Los Dos cooking school. Ingredients 1 ½ pounds jicama,... read more

Baby greens with pumpkin seeds and Mexican lime vinaigrette: Ensalada verde con pepitas y vinagreta de limon Karen Hursh Graber

Green salads in Mexico often come with just a wedge of lime, but this dressed up version uses olive oil and jalapeños to make a lime vinaigrette. The contrasting textures of the avocado and pepitas ar... read more

Guacamole, step by step Daniel Wheeler

Tired of eating burritos and chimichangas… or even Taco Bell? If your idea of Mexican food is a tortilla shell with marinara sauce, or you eat your hot dogs with chili beans, you'll find guacamole a good complement. And people who know real Mexican food consider it one of the best side dishes that Mexico can offer. As a dip while watching Monday night football or alongside a great plate of carne asada with warm tortillas and spicy arroz rojo in a typical family reunion in México, guacamole always hits the spot. read more

Avocado and orange salad: Ensalada de aguacate con naranja Karen Hursh Graber

This salad was inspired by the nearly football-size avocados we bought in the market in San Blas Atempa, a small town right outside Tehuantepec. We had seen some similar ones from Chiapas, but were tol... read more

Cholula Style Vegetable Salad: Ensalada Cholulterranea Karen Hursh Graber

Both types of squash used in this dish, along with pumpkin seeds and squash blossoms, are characteristic ingredients in Central Mexican cooking. If chilacayote is unavailable in your area, substitute c... read more

Mango and Avocado Salad: Ensalada de Mango y Aguacate Karen Hursh Graber

The combination of mangos and avocados gets a colorful and tasty lift from the addition of red bell peppers. Fresh bell pepper ( pimiento morrón) once meant green bell pepper, and red ones were avai... read more
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