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Central Mexican style meat stew: Puchero del Valle de Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

Central Mexican style meat stew is perhaps the most famous Mexican puchero, and the one that comes to mind first when this dish is mentioned. It contains the classic Spanish combination of meats... read more

Mexican pork with pears and ancho chiles: Puerco con peras y chile ancho Karen Hursh Graber

This is a simple, easy pork braise, full of flavor from the sweet and savory combination of pears and smoky, raisin-y Mexican ancho chiles. Ingredients 1 pork butt roast, about 3-4 pounds (in M... read more

Mexican stuffed roast loin of pork: Lomo de puerco relleno Karen Hursh Graber

This dish is usually associated with festive occasions in Mexico. I have had it at weddings and New Year's celebrations, but it would be fine for any special dinner such as a birthday. Most butchers wi... read more

Mexican pork tenderloins with guavas: Escalopas de cerdo con guayabas Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican guavas and a handcrafted ceramic piggy bank, both from Michoacan
© Sergio Wheeler, 2011
he Mexicans, like the Chinese, have created some wonderful dishes combining pork with fruit. Pork tenderloins with guavas is an example of the inventiveness of nouvelle Mexican cuisine. Escalopas de cerdo con guayabas have the same sweet-and-sour tanginess of many oriental dishes. read more

Roast pork loin stuffed with apples: Lomo de puerco con manzanas Karen Hursh Graber

This is a beautiful fall entrée, and goes well with a simple side dish like puree de papas or white rice. read more

Roast pork with ancho chile, honey and cilantro sauce: Puerco al horno con salsa de chile ancho, miel y cilantro Karen Hursh Graber

If you don't have the time or inclination to roast the pork, or you cook for only one or two people, try the sauce with pan fried or grilled pork chops. read more

Zacatecas style enchiladas: Enchiladas zacatecanos Karen Hursh Graber

The word "zacatecano" used to describe a dish quite often indicates that it contains the combination of poblano chiles and cream. read more

Speaking of picadillo ! sergiogomez

Some of the posts on the Kitchen Forum got me thinking about picadillo the other day. Since I didn't have any ground beef, I made something similar with the ingredients I had. You couldn't quite call i... read more

Tortas Ahogadas: Tortas with Tomato Sauce Karen Hursh Graber

Ahogadas means "drowned", an apt word to describe these sandwiches on a French roll, filled with meat and bathed with tomato sauce. While some restaurants and food stalls automatically top the tortas w... read more

Pork Chops with Tamarind Orange Glaze: Chuletas de Puerco con Tamarindo y Naranja Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe is reminiscent of the classic Mexican pork loin roasted with orange juice. Here, the tamarind and brown sugar give the pork a sweet-and-sour taste, and the meat is grilled and glazed rather... read more

Pork loin cooked in orange juice: Lomo en jugo de naranja Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe, taught to me many years ago by Isabel Hoyos Gomez, is standard Central Mexican "company" fare. I especially like to make this in the winter, when small trucks drive around the neighborhood... read more

Pork with apricot-chile sauce: Puerco con salsa de chabacanos y chile Karen Hursh Graber

This dish uses the Mexican stewing technique of cooking the meat separately, then using its broth in making a sauce in which the meat is cooked further. Pork is a natural with fruit sauces, and the sho... read more

Mexican Pot Roast: Cuete Mechado Karen Hursh Graber

Cuete, or boneless round roast, is a very lean cut and requires larding, which Mexican cooks do with pieces of bacon and sometimes with serrano ham as well. This version uses both. Leftovers are good c... read more

Chiles in walnut sauce: Chiles en nogada Karen Hursh Graber

Several years ago, I gave a recipe for a simplified version of chiles en nogada. This one, while a bit more labor-intensive, is exquisite and a great project for making with family and friends. We h... read more

Pork and hominy Soup: Pozole Karen Hursh Graber

The days of soaking hominy kernels - cacahuazintle - in calcified water and peeling each one individually are fading fast, thanks to the pre-cleaned hominy that comes in packages in the refriger... read more

Marinated pork stew: Tatemado Karen Hursh Graber

From tatemar, a Hispanic version of what the Diccionario Mexicano alternately gives as tlatemar, a Nahuatl term for putting something on or in the fire, this dish is cooked in a clay pot.... read more

Herbed Green Mole: Mole Verde con Hierbas Karen Hursh Graber

Green mole is most commonly found in the states of Puebla, Tlaxcala and Oaxaca, where it is one of los siete moles - the seven famous moles, each with a distinctive color, flavor and arom... read more

Codillo Aquiahuac Karen Hursh Graber

Codillo, sometimes called chamorro, is the lower part of the pork leg, here cut crosswise into rounds, including the central bone. Nopales (paddle cactus) and verdolagas (purslane) are two of the most ... read more

Baked Marinated Pork: Cochinita Pibil Karen Hursh Graber

This is the quintessential Yucatecan dish, from a region that is quite possibly the "capital" of leaf-wrapped foods. The color and flavor of the marinade are characterized by achiote, or annatto seed. ... read more

Juana Perez' Pork With Greens: Puerco con Verdolagas de Juana Perez Karen Hursh Graber

I first met Juana Perez when she came to work in our house in Cholula. Born and raised in the surrounding countryside, Juana was a fount of local folklore, insight and wisdom. She was never happier tha... read more

Basic White Pozole: Pozole Blanco Karen Hursh Graber

Some pozole recipes call for cooking the corn and the meat separately; however, I prefer the method presented in Adela Fernandez' La Tradicional Cocina Mexicana. The exception to this is chicken whi... read more

Pierna Al Horno Ana María Flores Sánchez

Ingredientes: 1 pierna de puerco sin hueso (aproximadamente 3 kilos) 6 rebanadas de jamón 6 rebanadas de tocino 6 dientes de ajo 10 pimientas negras 2 ó 3 tazas de vin... read more

Mexican Pork Chops: Chuletas De Puerco Con Chile Verde Karen Hursh Graber

Submitted by: Bruce McKay Recipe modified from recipe compilation by Amalia Ruiz Clark Serves: 4 4 pork chops, 3/4" to 1" thick pinch: seasoned salt and seasoned pepper 1/4 C. flour ... read more

Mexican Meat Loaf: Pastel de Carne Ana María Flores Sánchez

Serves 8 Ingredients: 1/2 kilo ground beef 1/2 kilo ground pork 8 large sausages 4 eggs 1 poblano peppers, cleaned, seeds and veins removed and chopped 1/2 onion, cho... read more

Roast Pork: Pierna al horno Ana María Flores Sánchez

 Ingredients: 1 4 - 5 lb. pork ham 6 slices sandwich ham, chopped 6 slice bacon, chopped 6 garlic cloves 10 black peppercorns 2 or 3 C. vinegar salt to taste ... read more
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