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Mole chicken wings: Alitas enmoladas Karen Hursh Graber

The rich taste of mole works with these chicken wings because they are broiled first. Doing this means that they are cooked through before going into the sauce. This works best with mole poblano or Oax... read more

Puebla-style turkey in mole: Mole poblano de guajolote Karen Hursh Graber

There are probably as many recipes for turkey in mole as there are cooks in Puebla, where it is indispensable at wedding fiestas. During Puebla's Festival de Mole Poblano, which is held for three conse... read more

Mexican winter fruit mole with hazelnuts: Manchamanteles con avellanas Karen Hursh Graber

This seasonal adaptation of a traditional manchamanteles — "tablecloth stainer" — uses the fall season's apples and pears instead of the usual pineapple; sweet potatoes instead of plantains; prunes... read more

Oaxacan yellow mole: Amarillo Karen Hursh Graber

Called simply (and fondly) "amarillo," this Oaxacan mole dish is a specialty of the Central Valleys region of this southern Mexico state. Although usually made with chicken, it is one of the few mol... read more

Xalapa-style green mole: Mole verde de Xalapa Karen Hursh Graber

Puebla and Oaxaca both have their own distinctive versions of green mole, but none is as laden with fresh vegetables as Xalapa's mole verde. Although I have prepared several meatless pipians and ... read more

Oaxacan black mole: Mole negro oaxaqueño Karen Hursh Graber

The most famous of Oaxaca's many moles, this sauce can be served with turkey, chicken, or pork; however, turkey is the meat of choice for festive occasions. In Mexico, the ingredients for large ... read more

Herbed Green Mole: Mole Verde con Hierbas Karen Hursh Graber

Green mole is most commonly found in the states of Puebla, Tlaxcala and Oaxaca, where it is one of los siete moles - the seven famous moles, each with a distinctive color, flavor and arom... read more

Goat and vegetable mole: Mole de caderas Karen Hursh Graber

Every year pamphlets explaining the origins of this dish, along with a list of ingredients, are distributed in Tehuacan's restaurants by the city's Gastronomic Council, an association of restaurant own... read more

Beef roullades in green mole: Bistec relleno con mole verde Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients: For the beef roullades: thinly sliced beef raw bacon and ham, sliced into strips raw potato, cut french fry style string beans cut into 1" pieces ... read more

Chicken in green mole: Pollo en mole verde Karen Hursh Graber

A mole is a stew which incorprates ground chiles, seeds, and sometimes nuts. The basis of a mole verde is the tomate verde, called a "tomatillo" north of the border. In Mexi... read more
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