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Citrus vinaigrette: Vinagreta de citricos Karen Hursh Graber

    Use this as a marinade for chicken or fish, or a dressing for green salads, especially those with oranges or grapefruit. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon each of:     Apple cider vinegar  ... read more

Mexican-style beef in broth with carrots: Chambarete en caldillo con zanahorias Karen Hursh Graber

Carrots add a subtle sweetness to broths, and beef shanks — with their rich, tasty marrow (called tuétano in Mexico) — make an extra nourishing broth. Ingredients 6 beef shanks 1 tabl... read more

Colonial Mexican baked rice and picadillo: Torta de arroz Karen Hursh Graber

In Mexico, the word torta most often means a sandwich on a bolillo, or French roll. However, as in this case, it can also take on its original Spanish meaning of a flat, round cake or, figuratively, fo... read more

Chiapas style pork empanadas: Empanadas chiapacorceñas Karen Hursh Graber

A juicy pork filling, flavored with spices, makes these substantial Chiapas style pork empanadas a good lunch or late supper dish. Any leftover roast meat would be good here. The dough is traditionally... read more

Mexican plantain empanadas with picadillo: Empanadas de platano Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe is adapted from Alquímias y Atmósferas del Sabor, by Doña Carmen Titita Ramírez, proprietress of Mexico City's famed El Bajío restaurant. The plantains should be cooked a day in advanc... read more

David Sterling's sautéed chaya with smoked bacon: Chayas fritas / Tsajbil chaay Karen Hursh Graber

Chronicler Diego de Landa mentioned chaya in 1566, when he observed that the leaves were especially delicious when cooked with plenty of bacon. What isn't? Chayas fritas is an excellent side dish; it a... read more

Scrambled eggs with sautéed chaya: Huevos revueltos con chaya / Chay-he Karen Hursh Graber

This is another Yucatecan favorite that makes use of leftovers from the day before. Chayas fritas from the afternoon meal are repurposed for breakfast the next day in this quick yet nourishing dish. S... read more

Mexican style grilled steak: Bistec al carbon Karen Hursh Graber

The usual choice for steak grilled over charcoal in Mexico is arrachera, a choice cut of beef known as skirt steak in English. Flank steak could also be used, but would need to be marinated about ... read more

Mixe meat and vegetable soup: Caldo mixe Karen Hursh Graber

  Although the Mixe do not eat meat on a daily, or even frequent, basis, they do go all out for a fiesta, and this rich, flavorful meat and vegetable soup soup uses as many kinds of meat as people ... read more

Chiapas style beef with cabbage: Carne de res con col, estilo Chiapas Karen Hursh Graber

Chiapas style beef with cabbage is quick, easy, inexpensive and satisfying. And did I say versatile? It can be served with rice, used as a filling for stuffed chiles, or a topping for tostadas. Adapte... read more

Yucatecan three-meat stew: Puchero yucateco de tres carnes Karen Hursh Graber

Although the Yucatan is hardly associated with cool weather, this stew, which contains chicken along with the meat, is one of its most popular dishes. Sundays in Merida call to mind music in all the pl... read more

Central Mexican style meat stew: Puchero del Valle de Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

Central Mexican style meat stew is perhaps the most famous Mexican puchero, and the one that comes to mind first when this dish is mentioned. It contains the classic Spanish combination of meats... read more

Russian-Mexican beef soup: Caldo ruso de res Karen Hursh Graber

Russian-Mexican beef soup is obviously a holdover from the Mennonites' days as grain farmers in the Ukraine, with the distinctly Mexican additions of chile and tomato. The original recipe calls for the... read more

Mexican Spanish style beef and vegetable stew: Chambarete español Karen Hursh Graber

Although classified under "soups," Chambarete español is really a stew, served as a main course. A reflection of the European heritage of Aguascalientes, it is similar to the Spanish caldo gallego, wh... read more

Mexican cheese fondue with chorizo and beer: Queso fundido con chorizo y cerveza Karen Hursh Graber

This Mexican cheese fondue with chorizo and beer is a beer-laced take on fundido toluqueño, the melted cheese dish named for Toluca, a city known for its excellent chorizo. I remember sitting on the c... read more

Mexican beef stew with beer: Guisado de res con cerveza Karen Hursh Graber

Dark beer and dried red chiles make this Mexican beef stew a hearty cool weather dish. Add vegetables such as potatoes, chayote and quartered ears of corn to make the guisado de res a one-dish meal. I... read more

Onions stuffed with Mexican chorizo and potatoes: Cebollas rellenas con chorizo y papas Karen Hursh Graber

The elements of chorizo, potatoes and onions, a classic Mexican dish for any meal at all, come together in this recipe, which makes a nice, simple dinner. All that's needed to accompany it is a salad. ... read more

Mexican stuffing for Christmas turkey: Relleno para totol de nochebuena Karen Hursh Graber

Nochebuena is Christmas Eve, and that is when Mexican families sit down to a feast that usually lasts for several hours. This recipe for Mexican stuffing for Christmas turkey is adapted from Alquímias... read more

Mexican beef chichilo by Pilar Cabrera: Chichilo de res por Pilar Cabrera Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican beef chichilo is probably the least known of Oaxaca's moles. It is one of the only instances where nearly burning the chile gives an intense, smoky taste to the finished product. Pilar Cabrera ... read more

Mexican yucca meat pie: Pastel de yuca Karen Hursh Graber

The filling in this Mexican yucca meat pie is a classic picadillo, but ground chicken or turkey could be used, or chopped vegetables such as squash could be added or used without meat for a vegetarian ... read more

Mashed plantains with pork rinds: Machuca de platano con chicharrones Karen Hursh Graber

This variation on traditional machuca uses crispy chicharrones (pork cracklings), which give a good texture to the dish and impart the taste of pork without having to use the traditional lard. A cousi... read more

Mexican Yucatan-style lentil stew: Potage de lentejas estilo yucateca Karen Hursh Graber

This hearty stew gets its flavor from pork and a medley of vegetables. The best choice for the pork stew meat is shoulder. In Mexico, ask the butcher for espaldilla. Substitute güero chile for the xca... read more

Mexican lentil soup with chorizo: Sopa de lentejas con chorizo Karen Hursh Graber

This was the first lentil soup I tasted in Mexico many years ago, and it seems to be the most popular version in the central region, where chorizo is used in everything from eggs to tacos. The addition... read more

Mexican-style rabbit in red pipian with wild mushrooms: Pipian rojo con conejo y hongos silvestres Karen Hursh Graber

This colorful alabrije rabbit by Jacobo Angeles races across the Mexican mountain meadows. © Alvin Starkman, 2008 I taught this in a cooking class I gave last summer in Cuetzalan, Puebla, where I ... read more

Smoked pork chops with orange and Mexican maguey sauce: Chuletas ahumadas con salsa de naranja y miel de maguey Karen Hursh Graber

Pork and citrus are a good combination, and the miel de maguey adds a dimension of sweetness without overwhelming the bright flavor of the orange. Smoked pork chops are popular in Mexico, but unsmoked ... read more
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