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Yucatan style chaya empanadas: Empanadas de chaya Karen Hursh Graber

Here the chaya, a leafy green used throughout the Yucatan, is incorporated right into the corn dough, a common technique in this region. The chopped hard boiled egg filling is complemented by the chile... read more

Mexican mini chicken chipotle empanadas: Mexican empanaditas de pollo con chipotle Karen Hursh Graber

Chipotle chiles give these chicken empanadas a characteristic taste of Central Mexico. I've made these as Mexican mini empanadas (empanaditas) for a party buffet, and recommend chopping everything very... read more

Tabasco style fish empanadas: Empanadas de pescado Karen Hursh Graber

Empanadas are different all over México. In many parts of the country, they resemble a filled puff pastry; in Tabasco, they are filled, fried tortillas. There this recipe would invariably be made with... read more

Mexican black bean soup with masa balls: Sopa de frijoles negros con bolitas de masa Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican black bean soup, with little dumplings called <i>bolitas de masa,</i> or masa balls
© Karen Hursh Graber, 2014
Mexican black bean soup with masa balls is a regional recipe from Veracruz.

It could easily be a whole meal, accompanied by a salad. A nopales salad or a watercress and spinach salad would both be good choices. read more

Chilaquiles with chicken and cheese: Chilaquiles con pollo y queso Karen Hursh Graber

Chilaquiles are tortillas cut into strips, fried, and cooked in either a red or green sauce. Literally meaning "poor man's food," chilaquiles were undoubtedly invented as a way of using up lefto... read more

Oaxaca squash vine soup with corn dumplings: Sopa de guias con chochoyones Karen Hursh Graber

In Oaxaca, it is a rainy season staple and has been since before the Conquest. The only addition after the Spaniards arrived was the lard in the corn dough for the dumplings. read more

Aztec squash blossom quesadillas: Quesadillas de flor de calabaza Karen Hursh Graber

In the introduction to her cookbook, Adela Fernandez talks about the flowers that adorned her father's table and the heavily embroidered tablecloths and napkins, often with flower motifs, that were mad... read more

Mushroom and spinach enchiladas: Enchiladas de champiñones y queso Karen Hursh Graber

In the Nahuatl language of the indigenous people of Central Mexico, the word for mushroom is the same as the word for meat, a testament to the mushroom's protein content and meaty texture. Use a variet... read more

Stewed beef shanks with vegetables: Guisado de chambarete Karen Hursh Graber

This is an easy and delicious one-pot meal that can be made ahead and reheated. For a less picante taste, remove the chipotle before blending the cooked ingredients. The weight given for the meat refle... read more

Sweet tamales: Tamales dulces Karen Hursh Graber

Sweet tamales, wrapped in corn husks and piled on platters, are a traditional treat at children's birthday parties, christenings and First Communions, as well as at the Christmas posadas. On Cand... read more

Baked chilaquiles: Chilaquiles al horno Karen Hursh Graber

We usually make chilaquiles right on the stovetop and gobble them up immediately, but in this recipe, they are baked in the oven, which means that all work can be done before guests arrive. Leave out t... read more

Fish quesadillas: Pescadillas Karen Hursh Graber

These could probably be called empanadas, except that the dough is thinner, and if cheese-stuffed masa is called quesadillas, there is some logic to calling fish-stuffed masa pescadillas. Nomenclature ... read more

Chilaquiles rojos resurrect revelers and leftover tortillas Daniel Wheeler

Chilaquiles offer a hearty and renewing experience after a few too many tequilas, and are delicious anytime. You can make the dish as mild or piquant as you wish. read more

Shrimp and nopal tacos: Tacos de camaron y nopalitos Karen Hursh Graber

The chunky salsa recipe that goes with these tacos makes more than necessary for the tacos, and is a delicious dip for totopos (fried tortilla triangles). I get asked for the recipe every time I serve ... read more

Enchiladas with buttermilk sauce: Enchiladas de jocoque Karen Hursh Graber

Enchiladas with cream sauces are popular in Querétaro, and these use the thick Mexican buttermilk called jocoque, introduced by Mexico's many Lebanese immigrants. A mixture of regular buttermilk (whic... read more

Enchiladas in red chile sauce: Enchiladas dobladas Karen Hursh Graber

"Dobladas" means folded, and these can either be left unfilled and folded in half twice, to make triangular wedges for garnishing chicken and meat dishes, or filled and rolled. The sauce is my favorite... read more

Enchiladas in tomatillo cream sauce: Enchiladas suizas Karen Hursh Graber

The tomatillo, called tomate verde, was first domesticated in Central Mexico and has been the basis of sauces here since pre-Hispanic times. The cream in the recipe did not exist in Mexico until the Eu... read more

Zacatecas style enchiladas: Enchiladas zacatecanos Karen Hursh Graber

The word "zacatecano" used to describe a dish quite often indicates that it contains the combination of poblano chiles and cream. read more

Chicken Chimichangas: Chimichangas Nueva Galicia Karen Hursh Graber

These are lighter than Tex-Mex chimichangas because they are sautéed rather than deep-fried. Using dark meat results in a moister and more flavorful filling. Although a very simple recipe, the use of ... read more

Jalisco Style Enchiladas: Enchiladas Tapatias Karen Hursh Graber

Popular at fairs and fiestas, these enchiladas are flavored with a creamy poblano chile and tomato sauce. They contain no meat in the filling, and this recipe uses vegetable oil instead of lard, making... read more

Chicken Enchiladas in Peanut and Almond Sauce: Enchiladas en Cacahuate y Almendras Karen Hursh Graber

This is a delicious and unique version of enchiladas, reminiscent of the chicken in nut sauces served in Oaxaca and Veracruz. If you can't find raw peanuts, use the ones that come already roasted in ba... read more

Yucatan Fish Panuchos: Panuchos de Pescado Karen Hursh Graber

Combining the classic Yucatecan ingredients of achiote seasoning, black beans and pickled red onions, true panuchos need to be made with fresh tortillas that will inflate when placed on the comal or gr... read more

Filet mignon with tomatillo-chipotle sauce: Filete de res al chipotle Karen Hursh Graber

The colonial silver mining town of Alamos, Sonora was designed by the king of Spain's personnal architect and remains every bit as impressive today as it was three hundred years ago. While staying at A... read more

The Jewels Of Mexico: Public Markets by Vicki Cowal Karen Hursh Graber

Introduction Many years ago, before I began traveling around Mexico working with regional chefs and cooking teachers, I was a newly arrived greenhorn, both fascinated and confused by the country's mar... read more

Tamaulipas-Style Fajitas: Fajitas al Sombrero Karen Hursh Graber

Driving northward along the Tamaulipas coast, the traveler goes from the tropical region of the Veracruz border to the plains of south Texas. A mid-point on the journey is the small town of San Fernand... read more
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