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Mexican style grilled steak: Bistec al carbon Karen Hursh Graber

The usual choice for steak grilled over charcoal in Mexico is arrachera, a choice cut of beef known as skirt steak in English. Flank steak could also be used, but would need to be marinated about ... read more

Puebla-style turkey in mole: Mole poblano de guajolote Karen Hursh Graber

There are probably as many recipes for turkey in mole as there are cooks in Puebla, where it is indispensable at wedding fiestas. During Puebla's Festival de Mole Poblano, which is held for three conse... read more

Mexican pasta salad with jalapeño vinaigrette: Coditos con salsa Karen Hursh Graber

This Mexican pasta salad with jalapeño vinaigrette is a great side dish to serve with grilled meat, chicken or fish. It's quick and easy to put together at the last minute, or it can be made up to one... read more

Mexican chicken salad with chipotle vinaigrette: Salpicon de pollo Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican chicken salad with chipotle vinaigrette known as salpicon de pollo © Karen Hursh Graber, 2014 Flavored with smoky chipotles, this recipe for salpicon de pollo is adapted from one by Vicki ... read more

Mixe meat and vegetable soup: Caldo mixe Karen Hursh Graber

  Although the Mixe do not eat meat on a daily, or even frequent, basis, they do go all out for a fiesta, and this rich, flavorful meat and vegetable soup soup uses as many kinds of meat as people ... read more

Mexican chicken in pulque broth: Pollo en pulque Karen Hursh Graber

Now that pulque is sold in cans, it is more accessible to people outside the pulque producing regions, but diluted beer can be substituted and the recipe is written to be used with either one. This hea... read more

Cauliflower with Mexican poblano cream sauce: Coliflor poblano Karen Hursh Graber

Cauliflower with poblano cream sauce was easy to cook, making thick slices of cauliflower work like chicken breast halves in a poblano chile and chicken dish. I used my own tried and true chicken recip... read more

Chiapas style beef with cabbage: Carne de res con col, estilo Chiapas Karen Hursh Graber

Chiapas style beef with cabbage is quick, easy, inexpensive and satisfying. And did I say versatile? It can be served with rice, used as a filling for stuffed chiles, or a topping for tostadas. Adapte... read more

Yucatecan three-meat stew: Puchero yucateco de tres carnes Karen Hursh Graber

Although the Yucatan is hardly associated with cool weather, this stew, which contains chicken along with the meat, is one of its most popular dishes. Sundays in Merida call to mind music in all the pl... read more

Central Mexican style meat stew: Puchero del Valle de Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

Central Mexican style meat stew is perhaps the most famous Mexican puchero, and the one that comes to mind first when this dish is mentioned. It contains the classic Spanish combination of meats... read more

Russian-Mexican beef soup: Caldo ruso de res Karen Hursh Graber

Russian-Mexican beef soup is obviously a holdover from the Mennonites' days as grain farmers in the Ukraine, with the distinctly Mexican additions of chile and tomato. The original recipe calls for the... read more

Mexican Spanish style beef and vegetable stew: Chambarete español Karen Hursh Graber

Although classified under "soups," Chambarete español is really a stew, served as a main course. A reflection of the European heritage of Aguascalientes, it is similar to the Spanish caldo gallego, wh... read more

Mexican pork with pears and ancho chiles: Puerco con peras y chile ancho Karen Hursh Graber

This is a simple, easy pork braise, full of flavor from the sweet and savory combination of pears and smoky, raisin-y Mexican ancho chiles. Ingredients 1 pork butt roast, about 3-4 pounds (in M... read more

Mexican stuffed roast loin of pork: Lomo de puerco relleno Karen Hursh Graber

This dish is usually associated with festive occasions in Mexico. I have had it at weddings and New Year's celebrations, but it would be fine for any special dinner such as a birthday. Most butchers wi... read more

Aguascalientes style chicken with fruit sauce: Pollo de Aguascalientes Karen Hursh Graber

This chicken with fruit sauce is considered one of the most typical dishes of Aguascalientes, traditionally served at the San Marcos Fair and sometimes called "Pollo de San Marcos." The 20th century Me... read more

Mexican stuffed roasted turkey roulade: Rollo de pavo relleno Karen Hursh Graber

This traditional Mexican meat stuffing for turkey is reminiscent of Spanish picadillo. Since only the breast — which tends to have less flavor than dark meat — is used in this recipe, the richness ... read more

Drunken turkey with Mexican dried fruit stuffing: Pavo borracho con frutas secas Karen Hursh Graber

This succulent, festive drunken turkey with dried fruit stuffing is taken over the top with the addition of Grand Marnier and tequila. I have seen it in several places, including a recipe from Mexican ... read more

Mexican grilled chicken with chipotle beer marinade: Pollo a la parilla con chipotle y cerveza Karen Hursh Graber

Beer is a great addition to marinades for grilled chicken. Here, the beer and chipotle lend a distinctive taste to the traditional Sonoran roadside-style grilled chicken. If the weather is too cool for... read more

Mexican beef stew with beer: Guisado de res con cerveza Karen Hursh Graber

Dark beer and dried red chiles make this Mexican beef stew a hearty cool weather dish. Add vegetables such as potatoes, chayote and quartered ears of corn to make the guisado de res a one-dish meal. I... read more

Onions stuffed with Mexican chorizo and potatoes: Cebollas rellenas con chorizo y papas Karen Hursh Graber

The elements of chorizo, potatoes and onions, a classic Mexican dish for any meal at all, come together in this recipe, which makes a nice, simple dinner. All that's needed to accompany it is a salad. ... read more

Mexican trout in papillote: Trucha empapelada Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican trout in papillote is a specialty of the high country between Toluca and México City, where trout abound in cool mountain streams. If you decide to wrap more than one fish in a foil papillote ... read more

Mexican trout with sesame seeds in parchment paper: Trucha empapelada con ajonjoli Karen Hursh Graber

The Mexican trout farms in the mountains outside Atlixco have open air restaurants that are crowded with families getting out of the city on weekends. The menus feature trucha empapelada, or en papillo... read more

Trout in Mexican macadamia sauce: Trucha en macadamia Karen Hursh Graber

macadamia nuts
The taste of fresh trout is a good foil for the richness of this Mexican macadamia sauce. The recipe uses macadamias as both a sauce ingredient and a garnish. read more

Trout with Mexican tropical fruit salsa: Trucha con salsa de frutas tropicales Karen Hursh Graber

Fresh tropical fruit goes nicely with the clean taste of trout in this recipe for trout with Mexican tropical fruit salsa. Wrapping food in corn husks is a quintessentially Mexican treatment, but parchment paper could be used instead. read more

Mexican trout with epazote: Trucha al epazote Karen Hursh Graber

Epazote is a characteristic flavor of the central region of Mexico, and especially favored in the cuisines of Puebla and Tlaxcala. It distinguishes this recipe for Mexican trout with epazote. Ingredie... read more
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