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Cheesecake with Mexican blueberry maguey jam: Pay de queso con mermelada de maguey Karen Hursh Graber

In Mexico, the cheesecake is more like pie, baked in a pie pan with a crust of crackers called galletas marías. In the U.S., the sweet tea crackers called Social Teas are a good substitute. Ingredien... read more

Mexican chocolate flan: Flan de chocolate Karen Hursh Graber

Perhaps the classic Mexican dessert, flan is found all over the country, and in Mexican restaurants the world over. This variation, Mexican chocolate flan, is a festive change from the usual egg custar... read more

Mexican coffee flan: Flan de cafe Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican coffee flan comes from the Coatepec region of Veracruz. Instant espresso powder is a boon to the dessert maker, since it dissolves easily and has an intense flavor. Ingredients For the carame... read more

Mexican coconut flan: Flan de coco Karen Hursh Graber

This is a quick, easy and delicious dessert. Like any flan, it needs to be prepared in advance and refrigerated. There are many instant flan mixes in Mexico that are now widely used by housewives-in-a-... read more

Mexican vanilla flan: Flan de vainilla Karen Hursh Graber

Considered one of the classic Mexican desserts, flan takes on a far more distinctive character when prepared using fragrant vanilla beans. Mexican vanilla flan should be made one day ahead of time and ... read more

Mexican honey flan: Flan de miel Karen Hursh Graber

Honey lovers get a double dose of honey flavor in this flan, because it uses honey instead of caramelized sugar in the glaze, as well as honey in the custard. read more

Classic Mexican flan: Flan mexicano Karen Hursh Graber

This classic Mexican flan is adapted from Essential Cuisines of Mexico by Diana Kennedy, who based it on a recipe by Josefina Velazquez de Leon, who collected recipes from all over Mexico and wrote sev... read more

Mexican strawberry flan: Flan de fresas Karen Hursh Graber

Spring and summer mean berry season, and this Mexican strawberry flan, made in individual custard cups, look festive garnished with a few slices of strawberry and sprigs of fresh mint. Ingredients ... read more

Mexican mango flan: Flan de mango Karen Hursh Graber

Here Mexico's favorite fruit combines with its favorite dessert. Sliced mango, shaved chocolate, and shredded coconut are all attractive options for garnishing this dessert. Make the mango puree by put... read more

Coconut cream tart: Tartaleta de coco Karen Hursh Graber

This dessert has coconut in the cream filling and on top — a double dose for coconut lovers. Ingredients ¾ cup sugar 1/3 cup flour 4 eggs 1 cup milk 1 cup coconut cream (... read more

Candied walnuts: Nueces garapiñadas Karen Hursh Graber

Candied nuts are a favorite treat in Mexico, and may be made with walnuts, pecans, almonds or peanuts. Walnuts are most prevalent during the winter holiday season. This sweet is one of the things we ca... read more

Mexican Christmas Cookies: Galletas de Navidad Karen Hursh Graber

Both blackberry and apricot jam are produced in great quantity in late summer and enjoyed during the cooler months, especially in the Sierra Madre Oriental region, where fruit orchards abound. Either o... read more

Sweet tamales: Tamales dulces Karen Hursh Graber

Sweet tamales, wrapped in corn husks and piled on platters, are a traditional treat at children's birthday parties, christenings and First Communions, as well as at the Christmas posadas. On Cand... read more

Tamarind candy: Dulce de tamarindo Karen Hursh Graber

This homemade candy is the kind sold at regional fairs in Mexico. Although in some places it is sold in miniature clay cazuelas, it is better cut up and individually wrapped in cellophane, since it is ... read more

Macadamia truffles: Truffles de macadamia Karen Hursh Graber

When I spoke with Erika Maza, Patricia Garibay and Magaly Dominguez, founders of El Vivero Macadamia, this was one of the first sweets they planned for production at the cooperative. It helps to keep a... read more

Tequila lime pie: Pay de limon con tequila Karen Hursh Graber

This dessert uses the pungent limes that are indispensible to so many Mexican meals. Piled high in markets all over the country, they are often squeezed onto food at the table in place of salt. The Flo... read more

Strawberry margarita sorbet: Sorbet de coctel margarita con fresas Karen Hursh Graber

A drink and dessert in one, this is perfect for informal summer entertaining. It is attractive scooped into margarita glasses and garnished with sprigs of mint or paper thin slices of lime. read more

Mamey mousse: Mousse de mamey Karen Hursh Graber

Mamey has a sweet, peach-like taste when ripe. Puree the peeled fruit in a blender and strain it to remove any fibers before using it to make mousse. A light coating of vegetable oil spray, such as Pam, works well to coat gelatin molds. read more

Mamey cake with cream cheese frosting: Pastel de mamey con betun de queso crema Karen Hursh Graber

The addition of mamey makes cakes incredibly moist. Try adding mamey pulp instead of pumpkin pulp to muffin recipes. This one is adapted from a pumpkin cake recipe and makes good cupcakes, too. Ingred... read more

Mexican chocolate ice cream: Helado de chocolate mexicano Karen Hursh Graber

In Good Food from Mexico, Ruth Watt Mulvey and Luisa Maria Alvarez tell us "legend has it that the supreme epicure Moctezuma sent runners to the heights of the volcano to bring back blocks of snow over which thick chocolate was poured, whipped, and served as a chilled froth." If this is true, it would make Moctezuma the inventor of the chocolate frappucino before anybody even knew what that was, and if not, it is still a good story. read more

Spearmint sorbet: Sorbet de hierba buena Karen Hursh Graber

A light dessert or a refreshing palate cleanser, this uses one of the most popular herbs in Mexico, but it also goes well with Thai food, with which Mexican cuisine has several ingredients in common. read more

Mexican custard dessert: Natillas Karen Hursh Graber

This simple, classic Mexican dessert, based on a Spanish one, can be made with just a few staple ingredients found in any fridge and pantry. Ingredients 4 eggs, separated ¼ cup flour ... read more

Bread pudding souffle with cinnamon syrup and nuts: Caballeros ricos o capirotada Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients   2 cups milk 3 tablespoons sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla 3 small or 1 large loaf stale French bread, sliced into ¾ inch thick rounds 6 eggs 2 cups vegetable ... read more

"Royal Eggs" custard dessert: Huevos reales Karen Hursh Graber

This is typical of the desserts prepared in the Colonial-era convents, most of which have been handed down and made just as they were then. The fact that it is milk-free makes it a good dessert for tho... read more

Soft Nougat Candy: Turrón Blando Tipo Jijona Karen Hursh Graber

Turrón was brought to Mexico by the Spaniards, who have two versions, one from Jijona and one from Alicante. Jijona turron is a soft ground almond and honey candy, while the Alicante version is hard, ... read more
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