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Crumbly Mexican pistachio cookies: Polvorones de pistache Karen Hursh Graber

This is a tasty take on the classic polvorones, or Mexican wedding cookies. Try adding one half cup of dried cherries or cranberries to the crumbly pistachio cooky dough. Ingredients 1 ¼ cups ... read more

Crumbly Mexican peanut cookies: Polvorones de cacahuate Karen Hursh Graber

The thick, crumbly cookies called polvorones are a basic item in even the smallest Mexican bakery. This recipe, a variation using peanuts, is from one of the earliest bilingual cookbooks, with t... read more

Mexican orange sugar sookies: Polvorones de naranja Karen Hursh Graber

The sugar cookies called polvorones are sometimes known as "Mexican wedding cookies" in English, although I've never seen them served at a wedding here in Central Mexico. They are a common bakery it... read more

Mexican Christmas Cookies: Galletas de Navidad Karen Hursh Graber

Both blackberry and apricot jam are produced in great quantity in late summer and enjoyed during the cooler months, especially in the Sierra Madre Oriental region, where fruit orchards abound. Either o... read more

Piggy Cookies: Cochinitos Karen Hursh Graber

Piggy cookies, as implied by their name, are cut into the shape of little pigs, but any cookie cutter can be used, making them adaptable for several holidays. They would make good "gingerbread" men, an... read more

Half Moon Cookies: Medias Lunas Ana María Flores Sánchez

These are Great Grandma's Cookies IV, Half Moons: Ingredients: Cookies 1 C. flour 2/3 C. plus 2 Tbsp. butter 3 Tbsp. plus 1 tsp. sugar 3 egg yolks 1 tsp. vanilla or ... read more

Cocked Hat Cookies: Chambergos Ana María Flores Sánchez

These are Great Grandma's Cookies called Cocked Hat: Ingredients: Cookies 2 1/4 of flour 1/2 C. of sugar 4 egg yolks 1 C. butter   Topping 3 egg whites 1 Tbsp. ... read more

Cornstarch Flowers: Flores de Maicena Ana María Flores Sánchez

This is the recipe for Great Grandma's cookies III, Cornstarch Flowers!  Enjoy. Ingredients: Cookies 3 C. cornstarch, sifted 3 sticks of butter (1 stick = 90 grs. or 6 Tbs.) 1 1/4 C... read more

Pecan Balls: Polvorones De Nuez Ana María Flores Sánchez

These are Great Grandma's Pecan Balls: Ingredients:  Cookie 1 C. plus 2 tsp. flour 1/2 C. plus 2 tsp. butter 1/4 C. plus 1 Tbsp. sugar 3 Tbsp. plus 1 tsp. ground pecans 1/... read more
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