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Veracruz guava atole: Atole de guayaba Karen Hursh Graber

Fruit atole is a great morning or late night drink. It can be made with several kinds of fruit, but Veracruz guava atole is my hands-down favorite. The easiest way to remove the seeds is to cut the fru... read more

Chocolate atole: Champurrado Karen Hursh Graber

This ancient beverage brings together two Mesoamarican natives, corn and chocolate in a delicious and satisfying hot drink. read more

Mexican beer cocktail: Michelada Karen Hursh Graber

The michelada is a beer cocktail whose name is condensed from mi chela helada, "my iced beer." Every region, and even everyone who makes it, seems to have a different version of this popular cooler, but two ingredients that are included everywhere are lime and salt. I've been served micheladas both with and without ice, but even without ice, the idea is to start with ice cold beer. read more

Refreshing Mexican beet drink: Agua de betabel Karen Hursh Graber

Agua de betabel is the drink seen on the altar of Nuestra Señora de Dolores, the sorrowful mother, on the Friday before Semana Santa. I have yet to find out why beets were chosen for this particular o... read more

Mexican chia seed drink: Agua de chia Karen Hursh Graber

Made with lime juice and sweetened with sugar, agua de chia, or Mexican chia seed drink is especially popular during Mexico's hot spring season. The seeds absorb and hold liquids, thereby helping to pr... read more

Refreshing Mexican rice beverage: Horchata de arroz Karen Hursh Graber

Horchata is one of the most common table drinks in Mexico, usually served in pitchers to accompany the main meal, and is classified as an agua, like many Mexican fruit drinks. In some areas, horchata i... read more

Frozen mango margarita: Margarita de mango Karen Hursh Graber

This is not the classic margarita, but it's a great summer blender drink that can be made in quantity. Try this frozen margarita with strawberries instead of mangos. Ingredients 10 ounces froze... read more

Mexican avocado smoothie: Licuado de aguacate Karen Hursh Graber

This is a basic recipe for a Mexican avocado smoothie. Feel free to add banana, strawberries, or even apple, and to substitute soy milk for regular milk. It's a great way to start the day with the gene... read more

Mexican guava water drink: Agua de guayaba Karen Hursh Graber

Just the aroma of fresh guavas is enough to inspire visions of lolling in a hammock in some tropical hideaway. Guavas have seed sacs nearly identical-looking to those found in tomatoes, and they are re... read more

Mexican holiday punch: Ponche navideño Karen Hursh Graber

In addition to being served in Mexican homes during the Christmas and New Year holiday season, hot ponche is sold at night by street vendors who ladle it out from steaming cylindrical vats. read more

Refreshing squash drink: Agua de chilacayote Karen Hursh Graber

The bottle gourd, cucurbita Ficifolia, a rather bland member of the squash family, is common in Oaxacan cuisine, either cooked in stews, used to make a dulce something like candied pumpkin, or in this ... read more

Did you know? Some tequila is priced at $225,000 Tony Burton

tequila stills
I know what you're thinking: "Tequila prices have been rising for years, but 225,000 dollars for a bottle is ridiculous!"

It may be ridiculous, but it is nonetheless true. The tequila company Tequila Ley .925 issued a press release in July 2006 proudly announcing the introduction of three different presentations of "Tequila Ley .925, Pasion Azteca, Gold and Platinum."

The tequila itself is exclusive, a premium quality 100% blue agave tequila, aged for 6 years. The bottles it comes in are even more special. The company has won several awards previously for its unorthodox designs. This time, each bottle is shaped like a barbed sea shell and engraved by Mexican artist Alejandro Gomez Oropeza. read more

Mexican Chupacabra Martini Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack and Veronica Gonzalez-Smith

El Chupacabra Martini will set your honey’s heart afire. The fiery red blood orange juice infused with the explosive Brazilian aphrodisiac of acai is sure to make sparks fly. Hints of guava and pineapple nectar in this drink are fruits from Puerto Rico (where Chupacabra sightings were first reported). You can barely taste the coconut rum in this sweet drink, which makes it extra dangerous, just like its namesake. read more

Puebla style eggnog: Rompope Karen Hursh Graber

This beverage was first made by the colonial-era nuns at the Convent of Santa Clara in Puebla, and the Santa Clara brand is still one of the most popular. It is fun and very easy to make at home. Unlik... read more

Pomegranate champagne cocktail: Coctel de champaña y granada Karen Hursh Graber

When we lived in Oaxaca, we had neighbors with a pomegranate tree that seemed to bear fruit much longer than in other places. In Puebla, the pomegranate season is late summer, after which pomegranates ... read more

Refreshing Mexican lime water or limonada: Agua de limon Karen Hursh Graber

This beats any lemon or lime ade I've ever tried. Its sweet-and-tart zing makes it a good substitute for margaritas if you want to serve appetizers without alcoholic beverages. The recipe comes from my... read more

Refreshing Mexican lime leaf drink: Agua con hojas de limon Karen Hursh Graber

Since lime trees are so abundant in central and southern México, it's no surprise that good use is made of the leaves as well as the fruit. The following agua, or fruit drink, is probably one of ... read more

Hibiscus flower tea: Agua de jamaica Karen Hursh Graber

Dried hibiscus flowers, known in Mexico as jamaica (pronounced "ha-ma-ike-ah", rather than like the name of the Carribbean island country) have long been available in health food stores in the U... read more

Hibiscus flower sorbet: Sorbet de jamaica Karen Hursh Graber

One of the most requested recipes from this column is agua de jamaica, a refreshing drink made with dried hibiscus flowers. This sorbet has the same clean taste and is perfect for the palate that may have been overwhelmed by rich food. read more

Roselle hibiscus martini: Martini de jamaica Karen Hursh Graber

Hibiscus flowers, lemon and vodka give this martini a unique flavor © Daniel Wheeler, 2010 This drink packs the usual martini punch, but seems deceivingly innocent with its gorgeous red color and ... read more

Blackberry atole: Atole de mora Karen Hursh Graber

A traditional early morning or late night favorite in the Sierra de Puebla, this atole makes a warming, nutritious breakfast drink. Kids love the purple color. read more

Tamarind Margaritas: Margaritas de Tamarindo Karen Hursh Graber

This is the quintessential summer drink, perfect before a Mexican-style parillada, or grilled meal. For a delicious change of pace try using Tajin Fruit Seasoning instead of salt to rim the glass. This... read more

Tamarind Atole: Atole de Tamarindo Karen Hursh Graber

The hot corn beverage called atole is usually served in the morning, but in Michoacan this tamarind version is served at night, usually after the late evening meal, in small cups. Dark brown sugar may ... read more

Did You Know? Tequila dates from the sixteenth century Tony Burton

In 1897, Carl Lumholtz, the famous Norwegian ethnologist, who spent several years living with remote Indian tribes in Mexico, found that the Huichol Indians in eastern Nayarti distilled agave juice usi... read more

Did You Know? Oldest winery in the Americas is in Parras de la Fuente, Mexico Tony Burton

The oldest winery in the Americas is in Parras de la Fuente In Mexico, vineyards and wineries exist in several states, including Baja California, Sonora, Zacatecas, Querétaro, and Coahuila. Wine expe... read more
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