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Mexican black bean soup with masa balls: Sopa de frijoles negros con bolitas de masa Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican black bean soup, with little dumplings called <i>bolitas de masa,</i> or masa balls
© Karen Hursh Graber, 2014
Mexican black bean soup with masa balls is a regional recipe from Veracruz.

It could easily be a whole meal, accompanied by a salad. A nopales salad or a watercress and spinach salad would both be good choices. read more

Drunken Mexican beans: Frijoles borrachos Karen Hursh Graber

Drunken Mexican beans: Frijoles borrachos
In this frijoles borrachos recipe, it's the beer in this recipe that gets the beans drunk, and contributes good flavor to a dish that goes perfectly with Northern Mexican grilled beef. read more

Oaxaca white beans with dried shrimp: Frijoles blancos con camaron seco Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe for white beans with dried shrimp from the southern Pacific coast of Oaxaca is adapted from Susana Trilling's wonderful regional cookbook, Seasons of My Heart. Use other beans, such as fava... read more

Mexican black bean and quinoa salad: Ensalada de quinoa con frijoles negros Karen Hursh Graber

Quinoa, the subsistence grain of the ancient Incas, is a good source of dietary fiber and high quality protein. When combined with black beans, it is a nutritional powerhouse. This Mexican black bean a... read more

Mexican filled plantain croquettes: Croquetas de platano rellenos Karen Hursh Graber

Plantains, called plátano macho in Spanish, play an important role in the diet of southern Mexicans. They should not be used in cooking until ripe, at which point they will be nearly black all ov... read more

Mexican Oaxaca-style lentils: Lentejas oaxaqueñas Karen Hursh Graber

This spicy-sweet, meatless main dish is traditional Oaxacan Lenten fare. The combination of spices with fruit is characteristic of southern Mexican cooking. Lentils are one of the fastest-cooking legum... read more

Mexican Yucatan-style lentil stew: Potage de lentejas estilo yucateca Karen Hursh Graber

This hearty stew gets its flavor from pork and a medley of vegetables. The best choice for the pork stew meat is shoulder. In Mexico, ask the butcher for espaldilla. Substitute güero chile for the xca... read more

Mexican Queretaro-style lentil soup with nopales: Sopa de lentejas con nopales estilo Queretaro Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe, adapted from Diana Kennedy's The Essential Cuisines of Mexico, contains the characteristically Mexican ingredients nopales, fresh green chiles and cilantro. Ingredients ½ cup brow... read more

Mexican lentil salad: Ensalada de lentejas Karen Hursh Graber

When using lentils in a salad, it is important not to overcook them. The brown lentils typically available in Mexico retain their shape better than other varieties. Ingredients 1 cup lentils ... read more

Mexican lentil soup with chorizo: Sopa de lentejas con chorizo Karen Hursh Graber

This was the first lentil soup I tasted in Mexico many years ago, and it seems to be the most popular version in the central region, where chorizo is used in everything from eggs to tacos. The addition... read more

Frijoles de la olla: Mexican beans in broth Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack and Veronica Gonzalez-Smith

Mexican boiled beans — frijoles de la olla — are a delicious, nutricious and fat-free dish.
© Jeanine Thurston, 2011
A pot of freshly made frijoles de la olla is my absolute favorite way to eat beans. I love how pure and fresh they taste fresh from the olla, or pot. As soon as they were ready to eat I would fill a large bowl, add some fresh salsa and scoop them up with a homemade tortilla. read more

Garbanzo soup with saffron: Garbanzos en amarillo Karen Hursh Graber

Garbanzos en amarillo, with chickpeas, orange sweet potatoes and saffron, is evocative of the hearty peasant dishes of central Spain. It is a traditional food for the Día de La Santa Cruz, celebrated throughout Mexico, and with particular fervor in Queretaro, on May 3. read more

Black Bean Soup with Orange Zest: Sopa de Invierno Karen Hursh Graber

I call this "winter soup" because to the hearty, filling base of black beans is added the bright taste of the oranges that make cold winter weather more bearable. Here in the mountains of Central Mexic... read more

Hidalgo Style Fava Bean Soup: Caldo de Habas Estilo de Hidalgo Karen Hursh Graber

Although fresh fava beans appear only in springtime in the markets of Central Mexico, the dried versions are available throughout the year and cook much more quickly than other dried beans. I gave a re... read more

Yucatan Fish Panuchos: Panuchos de Pescado Karen Hursh Graber

Combining the classic Yucatecan ingredients of achiote seasoning, black beans and pickled red onions, true panuchos need to be made with fresh tortillas that will inflate when placed on the comal or gr... read more

Beans in their own broth: Frijoles de olla Karen Hursh Graber

This is the classic bean dish which is brought to the table in a large bowl after the main course has been eaten, for those who would like to help themselves to more food. It is the basis for innumerab... read more

Veracruz-style picaditas with black beans and salsa: Picaditas veracruzanas Karen Hursh Graber

Picaditas are fun to make as well as eat. As each one is baking on the comal, the sides are pinched up, creating perfect little containers to hold the toppings. Veracruz, being a port city, has ... read more

Beans Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients: 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) black or pinto beans 1 large onion 1 head of garlic - whole, unpeeled 5 Tbsp. of salt or to taste How to Prepare: Place 2 qts. of water on to boi... read more

About Leftover Beans Karen Hursh Graber

Leftovers are a saving grace in my house. I don't usually have a lot of time during the week to cook so I take advantage of my weekends to prepare large amounts of certain thingslike beans, tortillas a... read more

Refried Beans Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients: 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) black or pinto beans - cooked 10 Tbsp. oil Chiles Güeros or wax peppers How to Prepare: Start by toasting the peppers over a low flame or on a comal ... read more

Lamb's Quarters with Beans: Quelites con Frijoles Karen Hursh Graber

Just as the green known commonly as lamb's quarters goes by many different names north of the border -- among them, goosefoot, pigweed and mutton tops -- so does it have myriad names in Mexico, dependi... read more

Beans, a staple in the Mexican kitches: Frijoles Karen Hursh Graber

Since pre-Hispanic tmes, beans have been a staple in the Mexican kitchen. They appear in a world of traditional recipes, from frijoles refritos or refried beans to frijoles charros (cowbooy beans) and ... read more

Tortillas with Shredded Fish and Black Beans: Pan de Cazón Karen Hursh Graber

We first tried this dish at a restaurant near the seawall in Campeche. Perhaps because pan means bread, we were expecting something like a tuna or salmon loaf, but these stacks of tortillas spread... read more

Rice in Bean Broth: Arroz en Caldo de Frijol Karen Hursh Graber

The anise-scented leaf of the Mexican avocado is frequently used to flavor black bean dishes in the southern state of Oaxaca. In this recipe, black bean broth is used as part of the rice cooking liquid... read more

Refried beans: Frijoles refritos Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) black or pinto beans, cooked 10 Tbs. oil Chiles gueros or wax chiles Start by toasting the chiles over a low flame or on a comal (or griddle) until the skins beg... read more
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