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wendy devlin

Jul 31, 2006, 3:00 PM

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Biosphera de Manantlan

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Having been interestested in visiting the Biosphera de Manantlan for some time, I was pleased to receive information today about an ecolodge located within Manantlan's Ecological Reserve

Located about an hour inland from Manzanillo, the web-site says visitors will encounter wildlife species in a protected reserve in the cloud-covered jungle. El Terrero reserve belongs to UNESCO’s “man and biosphere” program .

About 2.5 Km from Campo Cuatro is Pozo de la Peña, the 130-meter high “Well on the Hill”. The Pozo is reached after a somewhat difficult climb. Descend into the Pozo and discover an incredible variety of fruit trees: mango, avocado, mamey, lime, orange and guava. Down at the bottom practically the entire area is covered in coffee trees.

Amongst the rich vegetation of the Pozo there is a diversity of local fauna such as warthogs, badgers, deer and thousands of birds.

As the Reserve is a strictly controlled conservation area, all visits must be planned ahead. Manantlan's Ecological Reserve

El Terrero
Ecological Reserve Offices
+52 (312) 381-0154

If anyone does this hike or stays in this lodge please post a report back here.
Thanks in advance.


Aug 1, 2006, 11:14 AM

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Re: [wendy devlin] Biosphera de Manantlan

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Sounds interesting, Wendy, and I am tempted to try a visit when I get to Costa Allegre. I wonder, however, how long will I have to train for that - somewhat enigmaticall described - "somewhat difficult climb". :-)
If I make it, I'll report, if I fail, I'll continue to train until I either make it or declare myself defeated.
Vivere non est necesse, navigare necesse est!

wendy devlin

Aug 3, 2006, 12:42 PM

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Re: [MariaLund] Biosphera de Manantlan

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Below is a link to a first-hand description of a trip to the Biosfera.

Seems that you can drive up to El Terreno, the indigenous ejido that runs the reserve...and evidentially this 'new' ecolodge. Warning: it sounds 'rustic'.

I imagine that the steep hike described, starts beyond this point. Looks like local guides would be available.

And there's a vivero in the village.
That's it! I want to go there:)
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