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Jul 6, 2006, 9:48 AM

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Heading North

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We are leaving for CA tomorrow. Along the way we will pass through Altar. It is a very interesting town. There was a recent NBC report on those waiting there for the crossing to the US. Then on June 18 there was an article describing Altar and the people waiting there to cross in the isolated part of Arizona across the border.

I submitted a letter to the editor as follows:

I have passed through Altar, Mexico, a number of times in the last year. It is frightening and fascinating.

The streets are literally packed with young people just standing around waiting for smugglers to take them north. Stores filled with backpacks, water bottles, dark clothing and similar items line the streets. All around is desolate desert: I find it quite unpleasant in my air-conditioned Jeep.

The good news is that there are many places in Mexico where this is no longer necessary. In our village on Lake Chapala, there is work for everyone who wants it, working to renovate or build homes for U.S. and Canadian citizens. Northern Mexico has a good economic base with many towns that are as prosperous as some in the United States.

In the south, conditions are still horrendous. Only Mexican government reform and U.S. policies promoting reform and economic expansion are going to change the conditions in that part of Mexico and end the exodus to the United States.

I hope most of you agree with most of what I wrote. It was read all over Southern California. I might have added a few details, but was constrained by word limits. For instance, our presence here provides many different work opportunities than just construction. Also, it is obvious that there are many places in the south of Mexico that are not in horrendous shape.

For instance Lazaro Cardenas is being touted by some as the new Long Beach as the entry port for goods going east/north through Houston. It is 800 miles closer to Houston than is Long Beach. There are plans for a large expansion of the port facilities of LC and rail links between it and Houston.


Jul 8, 2006, 8:14 AM

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Re: [dlyman6500] Heading North

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Here is the story :

Bob Pratt
New Orleans
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