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Mar 16, 2006, 2:20 PM

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Martial arts/self-defence: Chapala region

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Thinking about recent postings on safety measures leads me to ask about something I've been interested in for a while - military forms of self-defence and disarming an opponent - quickly, effectively, ruthlessly. I don't like guns, and am not interested in something that takes forever to do well or requires a black belt.

Does anyone know of anybody in the Chapala-Guadalajara area who teaches for example Krav Maga or another form of martial art that would serve a small woman as part of fitness and effective self-defence? It's too late to join the army, so I just want to cut to the chase; there are probably lots of ex-miliitary here, I was hoping someone would be informed. (And for the record, if I may, it's not because I happen to be in Mexico that I'm asking).

Just in case nobody can give me any leads - if this happens to spin off into something like":where the heck do you find a good gym around Ajijic".......well, great, that would also be helpful.



Mar 16, 2006, 3:08 PM

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Re: [Jinete136] Martial arts/self-defence: Chapala region

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I don’t know your age, but I would not recommend anyone over 40 attempt to learn unarmed martial arts. In another life I did have that type of training, the course was titled “Unarmed defense for the American soldier.” It is dangerous training.

I was a military policeman. There were about 160 men in my class. We were all young men in top physical condition. Among other things, we ran about 3 miles before every meal, including breakfast.

The first part of the course was simply learning how to fall. If an opponent throws you, you must learn how to hit the ground without breaking any bones. In the first hour of the first day, we suffered 4 casualties. One broken ankle, one broken arm, and two broken ribs. It got rough after the first day.

I realize a civilian instructor is not going to treat you the same way we were, we were after all soldiers, and expendable. Learning how to do something is one thing, training your body to execute what you know how to do in your mind is quite another. It takes time, effort, and pain.

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Mar 16, 2006, 5:32 PM

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Re: [RexC] Martial arts/self-defence: Chapala region

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Hi there, Rex, and thank you for the reply. Good info and what you describe does sound extremely rough. Maybe just my impression but thought there are courses (at least in Canada, Europe, US) that tailor things to civilians, but with enough ruthlessness that a woman could deal with a ruthless larger attacker with a weapon without being badly wounded in the process, the idea being survival. Hoped there'd be something here.

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Mar 16, 2006, 5:57 PM

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Re: [Jinete136] Martial arts/self-defence: Chapala region

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In a fight, a "ruthless larger attacker with a weapon" is going to win over 90% of the time no matter your training. Don't believe those kung fu movies. Still, there is a lot you can learn to defend yourself and escape. Much of it has to do with knowing when to fight, overcoming your reluctance to make a scene and keeping your cool to wait for the right moment. I recommend courses like Bay Area Model Mugging for all women and particularly for adolescent girls. There are some things everyone should know, like never let them move you from a public place to a private place. That's the time to fight. I think that any kind of physical training that increases your stamina, coordination and reflexes is good. At least then you have some options for getting away. I'm old, overweight and out of shape now and would be hard pressed to either fight or flee. Not a good thing although I do still have some good street smarts and I'm not afraid to make a big scene on little provocation, being able to run faster than 2 legged pig would be a help though.

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