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Feb 17, 2006, 1:35 PM

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I presently live in so California, but I have wanted to visit Victoria for about 40 years and never made it, however, I have also considered moving there.

OK, so now is the time. I want to come to visit and see if it is what it is cracked up to be. Do any of you live in the area, maybe even in a small hamlet.and/or have the following knowlege?

1. Rental prices (A 2 or 3 bedroom house or apartment,
2. Cost of living
3. cost of helpers, I am single, so would need a housekeeper.
4. Internet access and costs, including the posibility of Satelite access
5. Same question about Statelite TV. I have Dish, network, is it available in Mexico? It should be, just aimed in a different direction.


Ed and Fran

Feb 17, 2006, 2:06 PM

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Hope you get a response, but in the time I've been here I don't recall any regular posters living in Cd Victoria. Of course, my memory is getting worse, so who knows. But I can give you some direction on your questions anyway.

1. Only way to really find out prices is to come down, spend time looking around, and actually see the property and ask the price. So many variables, and not organized like it is up north.

2. Same thing here. There's no reliable national cost of living index to compare things. What's 'standard' for one person is way upscale or way downscale for the next. You might be better off asking general prices of some specific items that you can relate to your current budget. But generally speaking, if you're coming from SoCal you'll find it cheap in Cd Victoria.

3. Again, you probably won't get a fix on helper cost in Cd Victoria specifically. But with the exception of maybe the Ajijic area, San Miguel, and maybe the big beach resorts, going rates throughout the northern half of the country are probably similar. Why not just post a general question asking for feedback on what people are paying. You need to be more specific about what entails a helper. Live in or not. How many hours per day, days per week? What duties?

4. You may have access to something better there, but as a minimum you should be able to get prodigy Infinitum through TelMex. It's phone line based DSL and costs $349 m.n./month + iva. Probably requires a land line, but I'm not sure. You could post over on the Technical Forum.

5. Satellite tv is certainly available down here. Again, you might want to post on the Technical Forum. Cd Victoria is far enough north that you may be able to get away with your current dish antenna.

Good luck in your quest.


Ed & Fran (who live on the coast about 6 hours south of Cd Victoria)


Feb 17, 2006, 2:46 PM

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Re: [Ed and Fran] CIODAD VICTORIA.

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