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Feb 15, 2006, 7:28 AM

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A friend and I are going to visit the Ajijic / Lake Chapala area in the coming months and are trying to find a house to rent. We will be staying a month. We are both considering moving to the area. It is very difficult to find a rental property that we can afford. We would like to spend $800 or less. I know there are gorgeous villas there but we can not afford those. Does anyone know of a rental property or how to find one. Our time is open, but we would like to leave Houston when it is so hot and humid here. But, we are not tied to that.
Thank you for any help you may give.

Gary Anderson

Feb 15, 2006, 9:54 AM

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Re: [bevdawson] Rentals

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Bev -

You should be able to find a pretty nice place in Ajijic for $800 US a month, especially if you wait until April or so when most of the seasonal visitors will have returned to the frozen tundra of their homelands. You might want to consider coming here and staying in one of the several very nice B&Bs in town for a few days while you conduct your search.

Besides the many realtors who manage rentals, you should check the public bulletin boards at places like the LCS, Superlake, Dona's Donuts, etc. Wander the streets and look for "se renta" signs and knock on the doors. Go to places like Tom's Bar or La Caja Musical and ask lots questions of the patrons, many of whom will be year-around residents of the area. It's not as difficult as some would have you believe, it just takes a little time and shoe leather.

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Feb 15, 2006, 10:29 AM

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Re: [bevdawson] Rentals

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Finding a rental property at that time of the year would normally be no problem as all the 'snowbirds' have retreated. And finding one for $800 or less is also no problem. What is a problem is your length of stay.... most rentals are for a longer term as owners don't want to tie up a furnished place for only one month and maybe miss a long-term rental.

There are some furnished condos available that would match your needs and at your price. An example of such place can be found at There are others. You didn't mention if you would have a car during your visit. That will make a difference as to where you will want to stay.

Another option is to check into one of the many B & Bs in the village for a couple of days and then find a place that suits you. Again, having a car would probably be useful to make this option viable. You might could even find a B & B that would, at that time of the year, let you stay for a month at your price.

A side note..... April, May and the first half of June is the 'most unpleasant' time to be at Lakeside as it's the end of the dry season and can be hot, dusty, smokey, etc. Waiting until the rains start in mid-June might make your trip more pleasant (and if you haven't heard it 'only' rains at night at Lakeside and the locals say the summer is the best of all seasons!). Having said that, Lakeside's 'most unpleasant' time is better than MANY places' most pleasant time.

Enjoy your trip.

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Feb 15, 2006, 4:07 PM

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Re: [RickS] Rentals

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You might also try posting an online request for a housesitting gig, especially if you are experienced in taking care of other people's pets. Many people like to escape for a month or so but are unwilling to leave their houses vacant and their pets taken care of by the maid, gardener or a kennel (altho the kennel I have visited here is quite good).

Another option would be emailing the property management services and the realtors, the latter especially if you will be looking for a house to purchase while you are down here. Sometimes people will buy a house, but moving down here will take a few months and they are looking for short-term tenants. We were in this position last summer.

I agree $800 a month should be no problem. You may be able to find a place for even less. We rented our house last summer for $400 a month just to get someone in it.
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