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Dec 22, 2005, 8:44 AM

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Spam Assasain

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Hello all,

We are always complaining about Spam and the inability of the pages to control that Spam.

Somebody here recommended we turn on Spam Assasain in the mail options. I had turned it on long ago and found it did not work well. But optimistic as I am, I cleared it away and turned it back on hoping that perhaps I had done things wrong the first time.

No help. Today, I opened my mail box to find 21 spamming letters. All offering me things from *sex* to counterfeit watches.

Isn't there anything we can do?

Adios. jerezano.


Dec 22, 2005, 10:14 AM

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Re: [jerezano] Spam Assasain

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I too have found that Spam Assassin seems to be useless on my computer too. It has no effect on the spam I was receiving through my Mexconnect account. How many counterfeit watches can one person use? Iím already a sexual tiger (pussy cat?)

In a recent thread, which is now on the Technical forum, SFMcaws recommended using Mail Washer: I have downloaded the free version and it seems to be mostly effective.

The free version will only process mail for one Email address, since I use more than one Email service, I will probably upgrade to the paid version after I have used, and evaluated the free version for a while. I used automatic configuration when I downloaded the program, it will list all the Email accounts in your computer. Be sure to remove the check marks from all the accounts except the one you want to check for spam when using the free version if you use more than one Email service.

You can customize the settings for particular Email servers. I sent a test Email to myself from my wifeís address; it was marked as from a known bad site that allows spam to be sent. I right clicked on the message, and marked it as from a friend from the drop down list of choices.

The only problem I found with it so far is that when I downloaded Mail Washer to my wifeís computer, it picked up my Mexconnect account as the email account to check. That account is not in her computer. I think this may have happened because our computers are all on a home network. My computer is the server for our network. I deleted Mail Washer from her computer, and I am going to try reloading it with my computer turned off. She hasnít had a spam problem so it is not too important to protect her computer at this time.


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