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Oct 29, 2005, 5:02 AM

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Can't wait to move to Mexico

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Hello from SW Florida (Alva). We survived hurricane Wilma with minimal damage, but let me tell you, this storm was horrible. The onslaught of the storm wasn't too bad, but when the cold front met the tailend of the storm, we were slammed. I can't remember being in such strong wind gusts. Some of our area's will not have electricity until November 15th, and viewing Clewiston, FL was heartbreaking. It is a town where most of the sugarcane is grown, and it looked as though tornados passed thru this small, poor town. Roofs were found in the median of a main highway, and a lot of the electric poles are laying by the side of the road. Plus, no food was transported to this town as of Wednesday, and we packed the car with groceries and delivered it to them. What better way to clear the pantry of foods we could buy in Mexico, and help others at the same time.
Or governor really goofed up with advanced preparation for Wilma.
All we kept thinking about was Mexico, and saying thank God we won't have to go through another hurricane season, or at least we hope we won't. Our home is on the market, and hopefully, we'll be down in the Ajijic area before too long.
Lynn Smith


Oct 30, 2005, 5:30 AM

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Re: [LYNNDENISE] Can't wait to move to Mexico

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Good luck Lynn!!

Many of our friends in Mexico live south of Cancun on the Caribbean coast. They were battered by Wilma for 30 hours, but all of them have reported in and are all right. The coast 60 kilometers and more south of Cancun, with the possible exception of Cozumel did not get hit as badly as Cancun.

We are still a few years away, but have started the process the upgrading the house here in Oregon for sale in a few years. In three years and two months my spouse will be vested in another defined benefit pension plan, and that is the earliest date for a move. I will be 57 then and she will be 54. Our next trips down, rather than mostly vacation, will be exploration of possible living locations.

Will have to go visit Lakeside II and drop in on Sr. Palomares, maybe :).
Planning for Mexico Move Blog


Oct 30, 2005, 5:38 AM

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Re: [roni_smith] Can't wait to move to Mexico

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Tham you Roni! My husband's brother and wife were stuck in Cozumel, because Continental thought that it was not economically feasible to send in empty planes to evacuate their clients, and the FAA had given Continental clearance to land on the island. They said that 186mph wind gusts were not their favorite thing to listen to and the plywood began to come off the window's. They said that they never felt so close to death. Plus, it cost them an additional $1000. to stay there the extra days.
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