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Oct 2, 2005, 3:18 PM

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More Questions

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Hello, I am in San Diego, planning to move to Baja. Could you please tell me where to get my FM3 or other visa? Also, how long will it take and cost? I have a web store business which I will run from Mexico. Do I need a business license? If so, how and where do I get it? Thx Alegria


Oct 2, 2005, 4:46 PM

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Re: [Alegria] More Questions

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Hello Alegria,

Let me help on the FM3. I can't answer your other questions.

You will need to make a choice on whether to get your FM3 from the Mexican consul in San Diego or to enter Mexico as a tourist with an FMT and apply there in Tijuand with the migras for an FM3. In either place you will pay the same amount of money about $200 us dollars. In the consulate you will not need to worry about speaking only Spanish. In the consulate if everything goes well you should be able to get your FM3 in one or two days. If you should apply in Tijuana for the FM3 the time will be variable. In Tepic, Nayarit you could get an FM3 in 2 days. Here where I am in Zacatecas it takes about 3 weeks. A friend in Xalapa Veracruz is finding that an FM3 renewal is taking over 10 days. In other areas it has taken as long as a month. I would suggest you hit your consulate in San Diego first. It would be nice to have the FM3 in hand when you hit Mexico.

Do NOT forget to register with the immigration office in Tijuana within 30 days of your entry into Mexico. Not registering can result in a fine of $100 us dollars or so. One of the requirements when you register with the migra is they will want a residence address. How you plan to handle that I don't know. Perhaps you will have rented by that time.

Your menaje de casa is a different matter and you can get all sorts of information about that here on the board.

Adios. jerezano.

alex .

Oct 3, 2005, 7:37 AM

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Re: [jerezano] registering with the Consulate

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which is different. I had read on a Mexico forum many years ago (maybe this one) that a foreigner should register with the Consulate in case something happens to you and they need to decide what to do with your body. Sounded important to me so I did it. The Consular Agent told me that, of the estimated 40,000 Americans living in Baja California, I was the only one who had done that.

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