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Aug 30, 2005, 7:44 PM

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On the deletion of posts...

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Jennifer Rose writes:

As a moderator, I've found private messaging those who've been deleted to be an inefficient use of time. Posters should be sufficiently responsible to realize that they're begging the question when they violate the guidelines and FAQs.

What a remarkable statement!

An inefficient use of time?!? Just how many posts do you delete in a day?

And I dare you to show me where I was off-topic or in violation of the guidelines/FAQ in that post of mine you deleted not too long ago. No explanation given. No reply to my email sent to the webmaster. No apology. No nothing.

You want to know what is really an inefficient use of time? Writing a post in this place only to see it get deleted.

I'm no Rolly but I have made a couple of contributions in this place; sometimes with some really big posts. What do you think it does to my motivation to post here when in the back of my mind looms the specter of a delete-happy moderator?

Now watch, I'm going to get criticized for starting up a new thread on this topic, but I wouldn't have needed to do that had the old thread not been locked!

To boldly go where no wig has gone before.

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