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Jul 19, 2005, 12:52 PM

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car rental in leon

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i dont really know if i am doing this right... anyway i am a travel agent.. i have been reading the forums for awhile as my husband and myself will be retiring next year and cant wait to join you all.
in the mean time i am looking for a car rental for my sister in law.
the usual car companies from the us will not allow a drop off in san miguel
they want to pick up the car at the airport in leon and drop in san miguel.
does anyone know if this is possible?
hoping for an email contact or fax rather than ph nbr
debbie mandt


Jul 19, 2005, 1:54 PM

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Re: [kenmandt] car rental in leon

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One way rentals are not as common in Mexico as in the USA, and are more expensive. Also, most car rental agencies do not have offices in San Miguel. I think that there might only be one or two agencies.

I suggest that she plan to take a taxi from Leon to San Miguel, and then rent a car in San Miguel, or just rent the car at the Leon airport and return it there.


Carol Schmidt

Jul 19, 2005, 2:00 PM

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Re: [kenmandt] car rental in leon

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I don't know much about car rentals anyplace. From what I have heard, U.S. car rental agencies don't allow rental cars to go into Mexico because they've lost control, a person can just disappear with the car and never return. I've heard that there is a car rental place in San Miguel located inside the Hotel Posada San Francisco but I can't find any contact info on it at the moment.

I would think that if your sister-in-law is flying into Leon, she could just take the van shuttle to San Miguel at and then she really won't need a car rental here. Taxis are cheap, $1.50 officially though drivers are trying to get an city raise in fares and I give them $2, or 20 pesos, during the day. (It's slightly more at night, more outside city limits, and double if you phone for the cab).

Walking is the best way to enjoy San Miguel. We put only a hundred miles a month on our car, the montly drive to Costco for four 20-pound bags of cat food mainly, and don't even take taxis that much. City buses at 4 pesos, 40 cents, are terrific and not at all the stereotye of chickens and goats on board. Buses are leaving constantly from the main bus station to nearby towns as well, and then from that town's bus station you take another taxi to where you want to go. It's much cheaper and easier than driving a car.

Parking is atrocious, and you can only drive a few miles an hour on our narrow crowded streets. Try to convince your sister-in-law to shed the U.S. mode of thinking about a vacation with a car as a necessity!

Otherwise, maybe someone else can tell you something abouot car rentals.

Carol Schmidt


Jul 21, 2005, 8:54 AM

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Re: [raferguson] car rental in leon

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There is a car rental agency in the Posada San Francisco on the main floor called Hola rent-a-car. We have previously rented from them three times before we purchased our own vehicle. Their cars were in fine shape for the trips we took to the beach, however they cost a fortune. Over twelve hundred dollars for two weeks. One car had a bad tire which had been repaired, but not correctly, and we had to purchase a replacement tire. When we returned the car to the agency here in San Miguel, they refused to reimburse us for the new tire, so we had it removed and it sits in our garage. Anyone need a barely used tire?
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