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Jul 16, 2005, 4:37 PM

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2 sat dishes required for DISH NETWORK in Jalisco

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Someone sent me the following private message asking about DISH network. I thought you, the readers, might also find this information helpful so after deleting the names of persons and satellite dealers mentioned here is that persons question .

"I was told by someone in Ajijic that I had to have a 1.2 meter fiberglass dish to receive DISH in Ajijic. That person did say that I'd not receive 2 HBO's because they were on another sat. But I would receive everything else. When I called a supplier NoB they said that a 1.2 meter was too small and that every time it clouded over I'd loose signal. What do you say?"

The standard DISH package offered in the states includes programming from at least 3 satellites, two located at 110 W and one located at 119 W. The smaller sized satellite dish you were talking about should be OK for only those DISH programs located at 119 W. The pros in Guadalajara install one that is about 46 by 51 inches, which is about 1.2 meters. To get the rest of the programming normally offered in a DISH programming package you need a second sat dish pointed at 110 degrees, west. The signals here are weaker and a larger satellite dish is needed. Again the experts in Guadalajara recommend a dish that is about 72 by 77 inches

Sure if you only use that one smaller dish, your installation costs will be less, but you will only be receiving some of the programs that you are paying for in the typical DISH programming package. (usually about 2/3rd of the programming and no HDTV) To get an idea of what programming you might be missing when only using that one smaller dish which only looks at the satellite located at 119 West, go to This shows the programming on the satellites you are not but should also be pointing at.

Note, the channels shown in this list are transmitted to the earth via either a spot or CONUS beam. You wonít get the spot beams down here. If it says CONUS to the right of the station you are wanting to watch, you probably will be able to watch it. If it says a smaller location, like a state, thatís a spot beam, and itís not viewable down here.


Jul 16, 2005, 4:45 PM

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Re: [johanson] 2 sat dishes required for DISH NETWORK in Jalisco

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Here in Lerdo, a good bit north of Ajijic, I have DISHTV with a 1.2 meter dish looking at 119. I get dropouts when the clouds come in, which is not very often here. I also get dropouts when dirt settles on the dish, as I reported in another post.

Rolly Pirate


Jul 16, 2005, 5:26 PM

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Re: [Rolly] 2 sat dishes required for DISH NETWORK in Jalisco

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Thanks for the input Rolly. I don't know what kind of signal loss the folks get with the 1.2 meter dishes down here when it rains. I just know that is what the pros recommend down here.

I should also warn you folks that some satellite Dishes aren't as good as others. Just because a 1.2 meter dish made by Company A gets a pretty good signal from a certain satellite, doesn't mean that signals received by a like sized satellite dish made by Company B will get you the same results.

Case in point. I used to use a 2.4 meter Ku band dish made locally that gave me a decent signal when pointed at the Star Choice Anik F-1. Then one day I tried a much smaller Sky satellite dish and pointed it at the same bird. Guess what? This smaller dish which is about 80 or so cm in diameter gave me the same signal quality as the 2.4 meter dish. Why? the SKY dish was of much better quality.
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