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Jun 13, 2005, 9:06 AM

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best spanish school in san miguel allende/housing

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I am a 45 year old single woman who will be traveling by air from Texas with my little 7 lb. dog. I am seeking a 4-5 week vacation in San Miguel de Allende, combined with a spanish course ( I am an an absolute beginner). I would like to stay in a hotel or apartment with a kitchen and a beautiful view of the city from July 26-August 29, 2005. Of course, they must allow to accompany me. He very rarely barks and is friendly and affectionate with everyone.
Please make some suggestions as to the best language school and the best housing. I can afford something in the $$$ price range. I prefer a quiet area that is within walking distance of the language school, post office, market, etc., yet away from the sounds of all-night fireworks. I experienced that in Quaxaca and, although it was exciting, I prefer to sleep at night.
I am interested in a travel and lodging that is safe for a woman traveling alone. I have read that it is best to fly into Leon, as it is considered safer than the Mexico City airport. Please comment.
I have signed up for the one week trial membership to this service, so it would be most helpful if I could hear from you in the next few days.
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


Jun 14, 2005, 4:55 PM

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Re: [slimforlife] best spanish school in san miguel allende/housing

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Hello Slimforlife,

Go immediately to the Gemeral Forum and the Living and Retiring in Mexico forum and type San Miguel Allende in the search boxes and search your answers.

If you make a Google search for San Miguel Allende you will also find all the information you are looking for.

You will probably find too much information, but you will also find regular posters from San Miguel Allende who will be glad to give you the information you are searching for if you send them a private message. Of course that will be a one woman's/man's opinion.

And as for fireworks (rockets) San Miguel Allende is a small town. It has a plethora of churches with different Patron Saints. You will hear rockets going off at 5 AM for the three weeks that you will be there. Enjoy.

Adios. jerezano.


Jun 18, 2005, 9:21 PM

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Re: [slimforlife] best spanish school in san miguel allende/housing

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You should probably look at the Instituto de Allende. I took a sculpture class there a few years ago, it is well run, they may have a housing suggestion.

It is usually cheaper to fly to Mexico City. If you fly to Mexico City, follow these instructions to the letter and you will be fine.
1. Find the taxi ticket window.
2. Buy a taxi ticket to the Terminal de Autobus Norte.
3. Take the taxi ticket to the official taxi stand, white taxis with an airplane logo. Take the taxi to the bus terminal.
4. When you get to the bus terminal, find the ETN (luxury) or Primera Plus (first class) ticket window and buy a ticket to San Miguel, about 5 hours I recall.

The process for the return is just the reverse, and will feel easier on the return. The bus stations also use the taxi ticket system, but their taxis are not all one color.

However, I am not sure about dogs on buses. Mexicans do not love their dogs like many Americans do, and I cannot recall seeing a dog or other live animal on a Mexican bus. I think that this topic has been covered in the past, but I did not find anything when I searched the forums.



Aug 2, 2006, 7:27 AM

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Re: [slimforlife] best spanish school in san miguel allende/housing

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Here two websites who have Spanish schools listed in Mexico.

Learn Spanish in Mexico


Aug 3, 2006, 7:24 AM

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Re: [raferguson] best spanish school in san miguel allende/housing

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Most people who live and work in SMA use the Leon Airport, not Mexico City, as the potential saving does not outway the additional hassle. Use to get to and from SMA from the Leon airport. It works perfectly and takes only a little over an hour. Waren Hardy is the best known language schoool and has a good rep although perhaps a bit pricey. Check it out and compare. Get a rental within walking (repeat - walking) distance of Centro. All areas close to Centro are safe and tourist friendly. You can not avoid fireworks. Bring earplugs.


Aug 5, 2006, 5:56 PM

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Re: [slimforlife] best spanish school in san miguel allende/housing

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I just returned from San Miguel and spent a month in the beginner course at the Habla Hispana school on Calzada de la Luz. I was pleased with the instruction. It is fairly rigorous and almost all in Spanish, so it would help if you at least learned a few basics before going. However, if you are really stumped, they can usually explain in English.

I lived with a family, about a 5 minute walk from the school, but I am not so sure I would recommend that. The family was very nice, and they cooked great healthy food, but having to try and communicate in Spanish at mealtimes was often very stressful for me.

The school can help you find one a place to stay, and there are lots of websites, such as However, I wouldn't necessarily want something with a great view because that means a longer walk to the center of town, and a long hike back up the hillside, or either taking cabs, when part of the fun of being in SMA is getting to walk everywhere and not be so dependent on cars.

I would recommend finding a rental with a rooftop terrace, and that would be a lovely view, even if you don't have a view of the entire city. Some of the people in my class had a very nice apartment on Calle Loreto, which is a 5 minute walk from the school and a 10 minute walk from the Jardin (or center of town).

I agree with the other post about the dogs. They aren't quite as welcome everywhere as we in the US may expect. So anyone you contact needs to know that you have a dog immediately.

I really, really enjoyed San Miguel and the language school. Habla Hispana concentrates on conversation and learning the basics with no short cuts. If anyone promises to get you fluent, or near fluent in a month, go somewhere else, because it is not possible. Just think whether or not you could learn to speak English in a month.

By all means, go to San Miguel!

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