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Jun 9, 2005, 6:26 PM

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Chapala Permits

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Now that our house shell is well on the way to completion, a team from the Ecology/environmental department, City of Chapala shows up on the job site and wants to know where is our permission to "cut the mountain?'

I assume that they mean levelling our steep lot. All work has been done on our lot in accord to the city approved plans. Where were these guys during the construction permit process?

Also asked was where was our tree cutting permit. We did not cut anything other than brush, and even redesigned our driveway to avoid taking out any trees. However on a repeat visit one guy photographed some old tree trunks, dumped next door and claimed those were ours. He also photographed behind the house where the land is cut about 2 1/2 meters.

It could just be a coincidence that he gave us his cell phone number, and has arranged a meeting with us and our architect at a nice restaurant, tomorrow. He says that he is "here to help us."

I don't think that we need that kind of help. I thought about bringing a lawyer with us to the meeting, but then that just might bring on some kind of fine & cost more.

Anyone know what the tree permit costs? How about the fee for "cutting a mountain" on our own lot?


Jun 10, 2005, 6:29 PM

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Re: [patricio_lintz] Chapala Permits

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Problem was solved by a visit to the Jefe Manager of the Environmental office.

No problem with cutting our own lot. We didn't cut any trees.

He confirmed our belief that paying mordidas is against the law.
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