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Jun 8, 2005, 10:54 AM

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Consulate advice on FM3 and Menaje de Casa

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Last year I planned to relocate to Merida, and obtained my FM3 at the Consulate in San Francisco. I entered Mexico in early June '04, and registered the address of a friend (to stay with while house-hunting) with INM in Merida, Yucatan.

Then, for several reasons my relocation was derailed, I returned to the US and have remained here, and now I have missed the one-year renewal. I also did not obtain the Menaje de Casa for my one-time importation of belongings. Now I am in the process of deciding if I am ready to follow through and complete my move from US to Mexico.

Yesterday I went to the consulate in San Francisco to ask about how to handle a new attempt to get relocated, either to Merida again or possible to Morelia. The young lady I spoke to checked with the Consul, and said I would retain the FM3 they issued and deal with a late renewal with INM in my chosen location of residence. She also said I have 60 days past the one-year point to renew, but I would also need to deal with INM in Mexico after that date. She said they never issue a second FM3 in the states after a first one is issued. She advised that I should enter Mexico on an FMT for my next visit, and deal with INM and the FM3 when I have established a residency plan.

Then I asked about the missed opportunity to obtain a Menaje de Casa. She told me that I could get my FM3 renewal squared away, then come back to the Consulate and they would issue me the Menaje de Casa - even though over a year had passed since I was initially issued the FM3 by them.

Is this a case of where each Consulate has discretion and local customs for doing business? Or should I return to the Consulate and seek verification of the Menaje advice? I am reluctant to proceed with residency arrangements and then find that my belongings (mostly books and boxed personal goods) can't be imported on a Menaje de Casa after all.

Finally - assuming for the moment that there is no possibility of obtaining the Menaje, I wonder what to expect if I must ship my belongings - again used books, photos, and modest personal effects in perhaps 20 assorted boxes - and deal with Aduana on receipt. A case of random luck in terms of import duty to be collected based on the local practice and temperament of the inspector(s)?

Wish I'd waited to obtain the FM3, but this is what I have to deal with.


Jun 8, 2005, 11:08 AM

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Re: [stanwolf] Consulate advice on FM3 and Menaje de Casa

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You can always ship your boxes from the border directly to your home via bus. I have done this and it works well. The things you mentioned shouldn't cost much in terms of duty. The buslines will deliver directly to your door. Every box arrived unopened and in good condition. WHile at the bus station, the customs guys will look at what you have , charge you accordingly and STAMP the boxes with their approval. As far as value goes, it's negotiable. Getting the best deal always comes down to your ability to be diplomatic. Try reading "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene.


Jun 8, 2005, 4:02 PM

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Re: [Esteban] Consulate advice on FM3 and Menaje de Casa

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Thanks for the reply - never heard of this approach but it might be suitable. May I ask which bus line(s) might be used?

Also, I want to be sure I understand - so I get my stuff to a border crossing, and have Mexican customs review and document my stuff, then I proceed to the bus line for transport arrangements to my resdience, right?

One more note - since I posted my question I found several comments in this forum recently that suggest that any FM3 holder can have goods shipped straight through via a freight forwarder documented but without the need for a Menaje de Casa. New development?

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