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Alison Cunningham

May 22, 2005, 7:22 PM

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Hi Everyone,
We thank you very much for all your different inputs. Not being of a very 'material' mind, it makes sense to sell everything and start anew in a new country.So,if I can't get Skippy's peanut butter, I'll use the substitute. No big deal. We both love Mexican food anyway. A chair is a chair is a chair and if it's comfortable to sit on, who cares where it comes from, so long as it is affordable.
The reason we chose Mazatlan was because when I was doing research and came across this town, it just seemed to 'feel' right. Besides, the name sounds so exotic and romantic, reminding one of colorful rowdy pirates and hidden treasures. Besides, it's on the ocean, and I'm such a romantic at heart.
Michael and Rolly, your websites are wonderful. Rolly, you did take a lot of stuff, didn't you? Michael, Ed 'cracked up,'reading about the section that said Mexican ladies preferred older men. Ed said, "Right up my alley," then gave me a stupid, sheepish grin.
Diane, I'll be down in October and I will definitely come to Canucks. Maybe I'll get to meet you. Top on the list is going to hear Marlene's husband's band.
What about my computer folks? I loooove my puter and have to have one, as I have relatives and college friends all over the globe. Would I be able to afford to buy a computer there?
Well, I bet all of you are sitting there with contented 'silly' grins while I sit here with a pout, looking at pouring rain and thunder clouds and working 6 days a week, 8 to 10 hours a day, praying for the months to fly buy so I can hit the road out of here.
Take care and thanks again. Alison.

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