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May 7, 2005, 6:13 PM

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acceptable septic

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We have a lot on the coast in Baja California Sur and are required to have an Environmental Impact study done prior to building a home because the property sits next to the Federal Zone.

We were just informed that the conventional tank/leach field septic system that we had planned to install will not be accepted by SEMARNAT. The geo/bio consultants will be coming out next week to start the EIS and now we are scrambling to find out alternative wasterwater treatment systems that are available and familiar in Mexico.

Does any one have such a system? Bio-Aqua is one brand that we've heard of. This system adds oxygen via a pump/compressor to the effluent and alters the breakdown of the stuff from anaerobic to aerobic. The end result is the wastewater is "cleaner", more enviro.-friendly, and can be used for irrigation.

Is anyone familiar with another domestic water treatment system?



May 7, 2005, 7:13 PM

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Re: [latitude26] acceptable septic

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I can't give you detailed answers but the system being used more and more along the coast in Quintana Roo is called a Wetlands. Whether this would work in the desert of Baja I don't know. These people would know however, , this organization has been a driving force in converting the septic systems for many places. Here is their page on wetlands and how they work

Sorry I don't know much more, I've spent lots of time in places that use them and they seem to work, I've hung out in restaurants next to them and there is no smell and they are beautiful, and I will probably be paying my share for one to be installed at our condo building in the next year or so.

Hope this helps,

Jonna - Mérida, Yucatán

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