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Apr 14, 2005, 11:12 AM

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Guadalajara Renovation of Casa Antigua

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I have found a great deal of useful information in this forum and in the links it contained. However I have not been able to find much on renovating or remodeling an existing home in the Guadalajara area and the costs and hassles involved . I currently live in Guadalajara and am intrigued with the thought of buying a Casa Antigua” and returning it to its former glory.

Yes, these homes are made of Adobe and some of them are in quite bad shape. I would like all of the modern conveniences, (electricidad oculta or in wall wiring, an additional bathroom, dishwasher, garage etc but no air conditioning or heating)

I have seen a few places but the plumbing and wiring would all have to be replaced as well as patching, painting, sealing, flooring, replacing window and doors etc) How expensive is it to do this? On average the homes I have seen tend to be in the 300 SQ Mtrs range.

I have also heard that many of these homes are “protected” especially in or around the “Centro Histórico” of Guadalajara. How difficult is it to get the required permits to remodel the property. I would not want to alter the original “Fachada” except for restoring it and maybe a garage but I would even be willing to do without that if I found the perfect place.

I speak Spanish so that’s not an issue. Also I am pretty handy and can install ceiling fans and outlets and appliances, faucets, and replace flooring but rewiring and replumbing an entire house, and replacing windows may be a bit out of my range.

I welcome any information, experience with similar projects or contacts
Thanks Thomas


Apr 14, 2005, 4:25 PM

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Re: [hatchertom] Guadalajara Renovation of Casa Antigua

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You will most likely have to have an architect draw up plans for permits AND to submit to INAH for approval. INAH will tell you what you can and cannot do to the exterior. For a while, in Mazatlan, INAH wanted to go inside the historical homes and flaunt their power but after a few meetings with the head honcho out of D.F. , things have changed. You need to get bids which can be accurately attained when you have electrical/plumbing drawings. You need to go over ALL details and be on the job to make sure you are getting what you want and to your standards. I've found, as a rule of thumb, labor (mano de obra) is running about 50% of each phase with materials being the other 50%.
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