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Mar 10, 2005, 5:50 AM

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electric power

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can anyone tell me the electrical current and cycles used in the chapala area?i;e 110 60 cycle or is it different??? tyvm,mitch


Mar 10, 2005, 6:00 AM

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Re: [mitchp41] electric power

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All of Mexico uses 60 Hz (cycle) power. The nominal voltage is 117 just like in the USA, but the actual voltage varies all over the place causing lots of problems. Your computer should be on a voltage regulator and line filter for a longer life.

Rolly Pirate


Mar 10, 2005, 5:36 PM

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Re: [Rolly] electric power

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Gosh this is the third time I have tried to post this response. I know I am not being deleted. So much for understanding how the internet works.

Here in Jalisco, and I thought in all of Mexico, the official voltage is 127 not 117. I have a voltage meter continuously plugged into one of the 3 phases (or is that fazes) I have here at my house. Yep real three faze in a house. In the olden days before the electric company replaced the neighborhood transformer the voltage would drop down to 110 during periods of high usage and be slightly over 122 during periods of less activity.

Today with a properly sized (well almost properly sized) transformer that no longer continues to blow, the voltage gets up to perhaps 126 or 7 during periods of inactivity and as low as maybe 119 during periods of very heavy use. It's 7:40 PM and it reads 120 volts as I write this.

I have friends who live East of Chapala, who swear that their voltage is much higher, that normally it is in the mid 130s and that occasionally it reaches almost 140 volts. I sure hope they are in error measuring this, But what ever it is, the voltage is less stable here than in most other locations in the world.

Also I would like to point out that although they say that we are at 60 cycles per second, we are not. If we were at exactly 60 cycles per second, electric clocks would be accurate. My power cycles a little faster than 60 cycles per second and my CFE powered electric clocks gain several minutes per week

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