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Feb 24, 2005, 2:21 AM

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visit to Ajijic - pre retirement

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I will be visiting Lakeside March 24 to 31, 2005 - staying at Neuva Posada. Hope to retire in Mexico by the end of this year. It has been fascinating reading all the posts on various topics. I may have missed information about the American Society, not sure if I can stop there and ask questions or just meet others who have been through this move - especially anyone formerly from New York state. Does anyone have suggestions as to what I should see or visit preparatory to the big move.
I have read most suggested books: Head to Mexico - great and lots of fun to read, Lake Chapala Guide, Midlife Mavericks - helps relieve the jitters, as others have "been there done that", bus across Mexico - if the schedules are correct a great guide for those going around by bus.
Currently taking a Spanish course at local Community College as well as the Pimsleur CD's - just ordered the second series. This course is great as the rote learning method certainly helps.
Would sure love to meet some of you who post regularly to this forum

Ardath Wolcott


Feb 26, 2005, 4:47 PM

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Re: [wolcotag] visit to Ajijic - pre retirement

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By American Society, I think you must mean the Lake Chapala Society. Yes, you can go in there. Most people are milling around outside as there are lovely gardens and sitting areas available. No one will ask you for your membership card unless you sign up for a class. If you want to join, it is around $30 a year. However, you might want to wait until you actually move to join since you won't be able to take advantage of most of the membership privileges until you live in the Lakeside area.

When you get to Ajijic, be sure and get a copy of an Ajijic map which shows where various places of interest are located and it will also assist you in getting around. It comes inside one of the local free magazines. Ask your hotel for a copy of one. You can walk to just about any place in Ajijic. If you need a taxi, go to the Town Plaza and you will find the yellow taxis parked along Colon across the street from the Hotel Ajijic. Most cab rides I have taken cost about $50 pesos. If you are going to San Antonio, for instance, that is a pretty long walk (to me) and I used a taxi to pick up my dog after surgery. You can also take the bus which costs 7 pesos. I usually catch it up on the Carretera, which is the main highway that connects Ajijic to Jocotepec and Chapala.

Be sure to bring very comfortable walking shoes. The dusty, cobblestone streets don't mix very well with fashionable shoes. Bring a flashlight with you for walking at night. The biggest risk of walking around at night is twisted ankles so you need to see where you are stepping. I feel safe walking about at night alone. I wouldn't walk along the lake at night by myself, but would go almost anywhere else. Do not flash your diamond jewelry when you are walking around or a wad of bills and use your common sense and you should be fine.

If you bring US dollars, you can get them exchanged for pesos at the money exchange on Colon, close to the Town Plaza. There is also an ATM at the bank on the corner across the street from the Town Plaza and Colon where you can use your card to get pesos when you run out of money. It has a separate entrance from the bank and if someone is inside at the ATM machine, you wait outside the door until the person leaves to afford them some privacy.

If you need to check your email or need to get on the internet, there are cyber places throughout the town. There is one on the Town Plaza, as well as one across the street from the Plaza on Colon and also one around the corner at San Cristable's. It usually cost about 10 pesos an hour (a little less than $1 US).

Most people in Ajijic are friendly. Feel free to ask for information whenever you need it.

Enjoy your trip. I think you will enjoy the lovely weather, friendly people, art galleries, restaurants, etc. There is a Charter service on the Carretera that offers a different excursion almost every day some of which you might want to sign up for. It is on the north (hills) side of the street, again close to Colon Street.


Feb 27, 2005, 2:34 AM

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Re: [Joyce] visit to Ajijic - pre retirement

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Thanks for all the practical information - I am really looking forward to my trip. I visited Ajijic last July for half a day, not nearly enough time to get a good idea, just enought to know I liked what I saw.

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