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Feb 8, 2005, 6:41 PM

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Health insurance, Internet, Rental Housing

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I would like to know what sort of medical facilities are availabe in SMA, as in hospitals. I imagine one would have to go back to the US or to Mex City for a major operation, but is there a B+/A- level hospital within SMA?
Is there health insurance available to foreigners? How much does it run and how good is the coverage?

Is high-speed Internet available in SMA (at home, not an Internet cafe)

Finally, how would I go about finding a furnished rental for six months, to test the water so to speak. I'm talking about a normal-person type rental, not some $650 a week tourist shangri-la. I would be going down there in January.

Thanks so much for your help.

Carol Schmidt

Feb 9, 2005, 8:05 AM

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Re: [alcuban] Health insurance, Internet, Rental Housing

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May I suggest you read previous threads on this forum on health care and read all the experiences which people have shared about their medical care here. Medical insurance in Mexico is also a topic heavily covered in many threads in the General and in the Living and Retiring in Mexico forums.

You have a lot of reading to do before you make your decisions, and the answers are already here, just do a bit of homework before asking such general questions! Oldtimers joke that a standard question we all get asked is, "Tell me everything I need to know about moving to Mexico"--in one paragraph, preferably. (Someone once asked me how to write a best-selling novel, as we were marching in a demonstration, and she had the back of an envelope out to write down my entire answer.)

Do a whole lot of reading on this forum and on this website for a bit and then when you have some specific questions I'll be glad to help.

As for finding a low-rent six-months rental in February, peak of the high season, that will be hard from afar. Rent a week at one of the cheaper hotels--lists already given out in this forum in response to the same basic question asked many times--and hit the pavement when you arrive. Do not sign a lease for a six-months rental on the internet--those are generally the higher rent places. It would be much easier in an off month, but you can find something, I am sure--just maybe not as cheap as the rest of the year.

Carol Schmidt
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